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Someone Sang Alicia Keys To Alicia Keys And Even SHE Was Shocked

Posted on September 21, 2016 by
the voice alicia keys

Day two of The Voice’s blind auditions, and the lineup of contestants is already mind blowing. With incredible voices from every genre, it’s shaping up to be a whirlwind of a season — and that’s just with the auditions. Last night (September 21) made it clear that it’s going to be a close call this year — and we think the judges agree, especially newbie Alicia Keys.

It takes serious pipes to pull off a song by Queen Alicia — but to sing it in front of her? That takes talent AND balls of steel. Fortunately, contestant Lauren Diaz had the moxy to get on that stage and sing the iconic “If I Aint Got You” with attitude, power, emotion and a whole lot of talent.

Oh, and did we mention Alicia Keys was FLOORED? Honestly, the audition is one thing but hearing what the judges have to say to the girl who took a BIG risk singing one of their own songs, is hilarious, moving and chill inducing.

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