27 TV Theme Songs & Introductions That Will Make Every Canadian Nostalgic

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canadian tv themes songs

Every Canadian kid knew how to tell which of their favourite shows were Canadian. Whether you spent your time watching Family Channel, were a YTV kid or never turned the channel from Teletoon, every channel had a fair mix of shows  –but we know that you knew what shows were homegrown.

As years progressed, we saw the same actors and actresses pop up all across our favourite Canadian shows. After Degrassi, a lot of New Generation characters went on to shows like Life With Derek. And then, stars from shows like Naturally Sadie, Wingin’ It and The Latest Buzz ended up walking those same Degrassi hallways. A fan of Orphan Black? Yeah, they appeared on other Canadian shows like Instant Star and, of course, Degrassi.

Honestly, we’ve been wanting to make a cross reference diagram of all of these Canadian actors … but there’s just SO many. These actors were on everything — whatever it takes (*took) they were jumping from show to show, inevitably making a mark on every Canadian’s childhood.

These Canadian shows never fail to make us nostalgic — within a few bars of their opening songs, we’re singing a long– and sometimes, without realizing these shows were even Canadian.

These TV theme songs are bound to make ANY Canadian nostalgic: 


In A Heartbeat


Breaker High


Mona The Vampire


The Latest Buzz


Naturally Sadie




The Dark Oracle




Totally Spies


Jacob Two Two


Fries With That


Ned’s Newt


Life With Derek






How To Be Indie


Wingin’ It


Dragon Tales


Angela Anaconda


The Big Comfy Couch


The Famous Jett Jackson




Ants In Your Pants


Radio Free Roscoe


Henry’s World


Darcy’s Wild Life




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