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We Just Got Our First Look At The Final “The Vampire Diaries” Season & Damn Damon Got DARK

Posted on September 12, 2016 by
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It looks like there will be plenty of bite in the final season of The Vampire Diaries. The iconic show’s eight and last season will air October 21 — just a bit before Halloween — and we’re not ready in the slightest. There’s just so much that needs to happen before we say goodbye to the show…

The CW just gave us our first look at what the season has in store and boy oh boy is this going to be one dark season — and we’d expect nothing less.

We all know that last season wrapped with Enzo and Damon falling under a curse after opening a vault that, lets be honest, should not have ever beeb opened — and now we finally get a glimpse at what’s happened since.

In the finale of The Vampire Diaries seventh season, Damon and Enzo succumbed to the curse of whatever was hiding in that vault. From the looks of it, this curse has Damon darker than ever — it’s worth mentioning the smoulder-ific character was actually the show’s first villain when the show started, so it’s nice to go back to where we began.  The 20 second teaser also features a kiss that we’re still squealing over — hey, it can’t all be blood and dark magic right?

Honestly, as we gear up for the beginning of the end, the nostalgia is real. We mean, the episode’s title — “Hello Brother.” What better a throwback title to set the tone for the series’ last ever season?

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