15 Artists We Want To See As Guest Stars On Empire

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The Lyon family has reigned over the TV scene since Empire premiered in 2015. The show following the dysfunctional, drama-filled Lyon family — the proud owner of Empire Records — found its way into our hearts with their family themes, friendships, relationships and incredible music numbers.

Not to mention, their incredible guest stars — Estelle, Pitbull, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys and Courtney Love are just a few of the talents that have had a taste of the Lyon dynasty. Every season is packed with more drama and more music than we can handle, but we’re not complaining. Give us Lucious and Cookie all day!

It looks like season three is shaping up to be one of the best so far, with some serious guest stars locked down — we’re looking at Mariah Carey, Taye Diggs and Mary J. Blige. Their story-lines are being kept under wraps, leaving us with a lot of anxiety until the September 21 premiere — and the wait is getting INTENSE.

It’s no secret that we love to play casting director, so we let our imaginations run a little wild and we came up with our Empire dream gust stars.

These are our picks for the artists we would love to see on Empire. Warning: some of these songs are NSFW



Our love for Kehlani is immeasurable —  so it’s easy for us to picture her on Empire. Her voice would blend so well with Jamal’s. We’re picturing her as a new client who has her eyes set on Jamal — or maybe even a rival perhaps? Just IMAGINE some ridiculous duets between these two.



With her fresh and raw, edgy sound she could be a refreshing addition to the music on Empire — we’re certain she could create some really cool music with the Lyons. We’d give anything for her to play a brand spanking new talent coached by Cookie or Lucious — who could later turn on them, We just want to hear her voice everywhere and anywhere we can.

Amber Riley 

We’ve been SERIOUSLY missing Amber Riley’s sass-tastic acting chops and her INSANE vocals since her Glee days — it only make sense she make a return on Empire. She’d make an EPIC new addition to their talent roster and we just KNOW her and Cookie would hit it off.

Justin Timberlake

He’s easily one of the best triple threats in the game. His wide spectrum of talents could easily lend him a guest spot as himself or as a new character — maybe a rival businessman or a new producer trying to work with the Lyon family. Imagine him and Lucious having a swag-off of sorts.


Will Singe

Imagine Jamal or Lucious stumbles onto Will covering one of their songs — he would HAVE to join the Empire team! Or, he could be a rival giving Jamal a run for his money — both of their voices are silk smooth and make us feel some type of way.


Chance The Rapper

Kayne West has described Chance as “the future.” With that kind of praise — and his talent — we think Lucious might want a piece of that pie.


Ed Sheeran

Ed has collaborated with hip-hop and R&B artists before, featuring on duets with stars like The Weekend, Beyonce and Lupe Fisco, to name a few. Perhaps he could lend his vocal talents to one of Hakeem’s songs, contrasting those intense rhymes with Ed’s smooth voice and producing talents. The Empire roster could use a chilled out guitar playing ginger.

Demi Lovato

Demi hasn’t done much acting since her guest spot on Glee, and with her acting chops and amazing voice how could she not shine on Empire? We’d love to see her take on a darker character. With her range she could deliver some SERIOUSLY raw and powerful ballads. We’d be ALL for her playing a character who’s enlisted Jamal’s  help to write a heart wrenching ballad.



With JoJo’s career back on track and quickly gaining speed, a spot on Empire could be a great opportunity to remind every how fabulous her voice is. We’d love for her character’s story to mirror her own: from child musician, to label conflicts, to staging an epic comeback.

Jamie Foxx

Another stellar singer and actor, Jamie could play himself or create someone completely new and he would SLAY any song he sang. We’re envisioning him as a big shot producer — and someone from Lucious’ past.



Because we really miss Drizzy acting. Imagine a Drake/Hakeem collaboration?


Fifth Harmony

So the last time Hakeem tried to put together a girl group it ended up…questionable. What if he put together these five fiesty ladies together — and ended up being pursed by ALL. FIVE. We don’t know. Anything can happen on Empire. 


With an album coming out soon Usher is pretty busy — but we’d love to see him appear as himself, collaborating with Hakeem, and giving him the talking to he kind of — definitely — needs.

John Legend

The man’s a legend okay — and would definitely kill it as one of Andre’s long time friends showing up for a favour.

Ariana Grande

Her larger than life voice would give the Empire a run for their money when she shows up on on the scene, attached to another label. A Cookie/Ari stand off is all we need in life.

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