9 Actresses That Would Make The Perfect Mare In “Red Queen”

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Red Queen has been the series title on the lips of bloggers , readers and newbies alik — and for good reason.

Victoria Aveyard came to our rescue right when we needed something to fill the The Hunger Games void in our hearts, in the form of her trilogy Red Queen. This is mainly because of the incredible world these books are set in. To put it simply, in the Red Queen world the reds are commoners and the silvers are the elite — mainly because they have powers. Yeah, we know. Super cool (and problematic) right?

Imagine everyone’s surprise when Mare Barrow, a red, is revealed to have powers and is thrown into a silver life she never wanted — and ends up learning a lot about the world she lives in. The book filled our dystopian and superpower hearts that were left empty when we said goodbye to Suzanne Collins’ trilogy late 2015 — and those brief times there wasn’t an X-Men film in theatres.

While we wait for the third and final instalment King’s Cage — set to be published February 2017 – we haven’t forgotten about the book-to-film adaptation of the series that Elizabeth Banks has been in talks to direct.

Considering we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing Mare Barrow on the big screen, we can’t help but wonder – which female actress will carry on this role?

Here are 9 actresses who would embody and carry out the role of Mare, the Red Queen:


Rhiannon Fish

A name you may not be familiar with, but a name you’ll want to remember, Rhiannon is most recently known for portraying Ontari on CW’s The 100 — her character is a strong women hungry for power. And who has power in Red Queen? Mare. It’s a match made in heaven.


Selena Gomez

We’ve grown up with the star and seen her in many roles from comedy to drama to Spring Breakers — but wouldn’t it be interesting to see the actress break out into a dystopian franchise? After all, she does have the look of Mare nailed down.


Maia Mitchell

Mitchell has been on multiple TV shows including her role as Callie on The Fosters, but that doesn’t mean she can’t do the big screen thing as well. We’ve seen her act in serious, dramatic scenes so we have no doubt that she could pull off Mare’s strength.


Jessica Sula

Recovery Road and Skin‘s Jessica Sula may not be the girl you imagined when reading the books, but don’t let that be the reason why you can’t see this talented actress play this role.


Freya Tingley

freya tingley, hemlock grove, red queen

SOURCE: fonextday.ru

You may have watched this young actress on Netflix’s Hemlock Grove as Christina or on ABC’s Once Upon A Time as Wendy Darling. Regardless, we’re hoping she’s a top contender as Mare because along with her fitting the part, she’s an excellent actress and would really be able to stretch those acting muscles as Mare.


Ana Golja

Canada and Degrassi‘s very own Ana Golja makes our list thanks to her undeniable talent as Zoe Rivas. We would be really rooting for someone bred from our own city to take on a role like the Red Queen. Plus, Ana as Zoe has shown she has a knack for the baddass, sassy and head strong.


Willa Holland

We’ve seen her be a badass as Thea Queen on Arrow, so why not the Red Queen Mare Barrow. We mean, common — Thea Queen, Red Queen, it’s like she was made for this role.


Amandla Stenberg

amandla stenberg, gif

SOURCE: blavity.com

There isn’t a role that Amandla couldn’t do. Since she’s already accustomed to how a book-to-movie franchise works —  her role as Rue in The Hunger Games is nothing short of memorable — we could easily see her take on the role of Mare.


Alycia Debnam-Carey

There’s no role our crush Alycia Debnam-Carey can’t make her own — and that’s what she would do with Mare. We’ve seen her as a leader on The 100 as Lexa, and we just know she would give Mare so much heart.

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    Since the premise of the book can be an allegory for racial prejudice, I think a minority playing Mare is the best idea.

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