What The Men In Our Lives Can Learn From The Men In “Baby Daddy”

Posted on September 1, 2016 by Juste Songailaite
baby daddy

Raising a family might take a village, but Ben Wheeler and his makeshift co-parents — brother Derek and friend Tucker — make it look simple on Freeform’s Baby Daddy. These men are not only dreamy, successful and great father figures — they make perfect role models for our current boyfriends.

The comical yet heartwarming series first made its way onto our screens and into our hearts in June 2012, and has been a hit ever since — we should mention it’s going onto its sixth season. Nothing compares to this dysfunctional family, which is why new episodes can’t come soon enough.

The show’s cast of characters has everything you need: a hilarious roommate — Tucker, a hot and intelligent girl next door — Riley, an overbearing mother — Bonnie,  brothers Ben and Danny  for good ole’ heartfelt sibling moments and dramatic rivalry, and of course Emma — the adorable baby. Since the day baby Emma was dropped on Ben’s doorstep, like any family would, the squad came together to pick up the pieces and gave her the best kind of dysfunctional family.

Sounding like a modern day Full House yet? It’s just as hilarious and heartwarming — and Tucker and Uncle Joey would get along just great.

Ben Wheeler, the biological dad in the series — think Danny Tanner but less of a dirt-aphobe — isn’t the only father figure on the show we’ve grown to love. Kindhearted Danny and his successful hockey career is drool-worthy, career focused Tucker always has time for little Emma — and Ben. The one who uprooted his entire life to raise a little girl on his own, thanks to his mom and best friends.

The men of Baby Daddy can sweep any girl off their feet with their humour and heart — and those faces of theirs. And this is why all our boyfriends should watch and learn these lessons from the men of Baby Daddy:



Have a sensitive side



Celebrate being unique and endless possibilities

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Danny told Emma that she could be whatever she wanted to be – a cheerleader or hockey player. #NoSexismAllowed


Put your family before yourself

baby daddy

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Never forget that Danny Wheeler hid his feelings towards Riley because she loved his brother — who eventually loved her back. #BROTHERGOALS


Even if sometimes you think you’re meant to be with someone, it’s best to just let them go


Always go above and beyond for the person you love


Even if you’re not dating said-person


Play dress up with your kid and own it

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Don’t be afraid to say the magical words every girl dreams her prince will say



Hang out with your friends’ boyfriends



Always make the best out of every situation

baby daddy, ben wheeler, tucker dobbs

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Make her feel like she’s more than just a prize



Notice the little things like a new hair cut

baby daddy, gif, ben wheeler

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Even when you don’t know how to do something, still try

baby daddy, tucker dobbs

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In conclusion, sometimes the quiet guy does win the girl in the end



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