Here’s Why Boy Meets World’s Cory & Topanga Were The First Real “OTP”

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cory and topanga

Peanut butter and jam. Milk and cookies. Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence. Some things are just made for each other.

When we were first introduced to the now iconic Boy Meets World characters as elementary school kids, they weren’t exactly…compatible. Topanga — the extremely eccentric book worm — couldn’t be bothered with class clown and general shenanigan-starter Cory Matthews. But as we watched them flourish into young adults throughout the duration of the iconic Disney Channel sitcom,  it was clear they were a perfect pair.

While they did grow, change and mature before our very eyes, both Cory and Topanga remained true to themselves — never compromising their personal integrity for the other person. Their relationship was fully rooted in true love, and although the couple experienced their fair share of ups-and-downs, they always managed to come out of a rough patch stronger.

For fans of the show, it’s been a real treat to watch Cory and Topanga raise their own kids on the popular spin-off Girl Meets World — and it’s clear that the two parents are more in love than ever.

Maybe it’s their longevity, maybe it’s their chemistry — whatever it is, there is NO denying that this TV couple was the first real OTP to ship before any other.

Here are all the reasons why Boy Meets World‘s Cory & Topanga are TV’s ultimate OTP:


The way Cory always looked at Topanga:



Who could forget their first kiss?

So. Much. HAIR!


Their sob-worthy and heartwarming wedding vows



A couple that dances together, stays together:



Seriously though, Cory isn’t even real:


Get you a man who’s Cory Matthews.


This iconic scene? Goals:

cory and topanga

SOURCE: somedumbgifs


After all these years, they still got it:



Remember when Topanga perfectly summed up their relationship — and also what a romantic partnership should be?

cory and topanga

SOURCE: pinkudaiben


They are NEVER selfish when it comes to one another:



This. Just this:

A “We Found Love” / “Under The Sea” remix would be PERFECT right about now.


When Cory was sexually frustrated…but didn’t force Topanga to do anything she wasn’t comfortable with:


Huh, a man who respects the wishes of the woman he’s with. Imagine that?




We can’t with this:




In summation:

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