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Must Follow Monday: Scream’s Bex Taylor-Klaus

Posted on August 29, 2016 by
bex taylor klaus

You’d probably be shocked by all the things you know 22 year old Bex Taylor-Klaus from.

Superhero nerd? You probably know her as Sin on Arrow. Mystery buff? Chances are, you watched her on The Killing. Office drama fan? She role on House of Lies was a game changer. Most recently? You know her as Audrey Jensen on the TV adaption of Scream.

Now, there are a LOT of reasons why we need a third season of the teen horror show — and Bex is surely one of them. Honestly, her character deserves a LOT more love — as does the actress who, in our honest opinion, is VASTLY underrated.

Her TV credits are pretty impressive — as are her acting chops and ability to make us sympathize with her characters — but we can’t help but love her that much more for her incredible Twitter presence. On social media Bex straight up tells it like it is, makes us laugh, interacts with fans, and is basically all you can want in a celeb Tweeter. She;s incredibly gracious with her time spent online and loves to shout out fans and share hilariously relatable 140 character musings

Here’s why you want to be following Bex Taylor-Klaus on Twitter:


She’s not afraid to call people out


Seriously, she won’t censor herself and tells it how it is


She speaks to important situations


She’s a klutz, like us


The struggle is real



She loves fan work


True words


Her relationship with her fans


Her taste in TV shows

And sometimes

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