13 Supernatural TV Characters Who Are Out Of This World

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supernatural TV characters

If our extensive binge watching has taught us anything, it’s that supernatural characters are intoxicating to watch. The most wild and entertaining shows often combine compelling story lines with either vampires, werewolves, demons or witches.

We often gravitate towards these kinds of shows because they deliver an element of fantasy and fiction that take us out of our comfort zone and compel us to put ourselves in a different world for a episode.

The last few years have brought us some of the best supernatural characters we could’ve asked for. Most of the spooky and sexy magical ladies and gentlemen that grace our screens come with killer wit and they’re easy on the eyes too. It doesn’t take much to convince us that these shows are doing something right.

These are the 13 supernatural TV characters that are out of this world:


Damon Salvatore (IAN SOMERHALDER)

TV Show: The Vampire Diaries

What Is He: Vampire (and, also, perfect)

Over the course of The Vampire Diaries Damon has transitioned from sassy and self-absorbed to sassy, loyal and total boyfriend material. Even at his worst, fans always pulled for him because time and time again, he’s proved that he will do anything for the people he loves.


Lydia Martin (HOLLAND RODEN)

TV Show: Teen Wolf

What Is She: A badass fairy

We loved watching Lydia’s character transition from spoiled and and shallow, to someone who genuinely cares about the people around her. Her relationship with Stiles makes all of us swoon and they are definitely #endgoals. She’s strong and sassy and incredibly smart — definitely the coolest Banshee (mythical fairy) that we’ve seen.



Peter Rumancek (LANDON LIBOIRON)

TV Show: Hemlock Grove

What Is He: Werewolf/ Formerly Degrassi’s rich and suave Declan Coyne.

Although Peter is sarcastic and tough, he is also brave, strong, funny and able to deal with anything that comes his way — even if that means putting himself in dangerous situations. This charming werewolf was only around for the show’s short-lived two seasons, but his characters dynamic personality definitely had us hooked.


Klaus Mikaelson (JOSEPH MORGAN)

TV Show: The Originals

What Is He: An original vampire. Also really good at yelling.

Everything about Klaus Mikaelson is captivating. This smouldering Brit is one of the original vampires and is constantly responsible for reeking havoc wherever he goes. The best part of his character is the rare moments when he becomes really vulnerable — or we get looks into his past. Although he’s seriously flawed, he is also extremely loyal to his family and to those he truly loves- –even if sometimes his family daggers one other as punishment. He has an incredible way with words, is able to get himself out of situations and persuade others to do as he needs them to. He is intoxicating to watch. Keep kicking ass, Klaus.


Sabrina Spellman (MELISSA JOAN HART

TV Show: Sabrina the Teenage Witch

What Is She: A witch, and also an icon.

How can we begin to describe how much we love our childhood friend Sabrina? We grew up watching her use her wit and her smarts to get herself out of — and usually into — some crazy situations. We were there when she was first crushing on Harvey. We fangirled when Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys made respective cameos. We laughed at Mr. Kraft watched Hilda and Zelda’s hilarious antics, and mostly secretly wished we could be a part of that family. Sabrina and her crew gave us lots of laughs and taught us important life lessons. We’ll always be thankful for seven seasons of magic.


TV Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

What Is He: A vampire slayer. Also a slayer of our hearts. Slay all around.

Spike is utterly fabulous. His time on the show is priceless both as a sassy villain and as Buffy’s hot boy toy who was insanely in love with her. His badass persona always kept our eyes glued to the screens — especially when he was taking down bad guys.


TV Show: Supernatural

What Was He: The king of Hell — and sass.

Crowley’s one-liners are definitely one of the highlights of any Supernatural episode. His powers go beyond the other demons on the show and sometimes we just can’t decide if we love or hate him.



TV Show: Sabrina The Teenage Witch 

What Is He: The talkiest, sassiest cat ever.

Come on, he was a talking cat, and the sass master of our childhoods. His general reactions to Sabrina’s hijinks never failed to make us laugh out loud. Do you, Salem!

Rebekah Mikaelson (CLAIRE HOLT)

TV Show: The Originals

What Is She: Vampire/ SO over all the drama.

We hate that Rebekah isn’t a series regular anymore. Her cameos are too far apart for our liking, because this girl is a BO$$$$$ — yes, she deserves the extra dollar signs. She’s quick with her wit and she doesn’t let anyone tell her what to do. All we really want is for her character to find a good guy and settle down somewhere away from the family drama — but we also want her to be in every episode because she’s a badass vampire.


TV Show: Merlin

What Is He: The most magical of wizards to end all wizards. Sorry Harry.

Our hearts are still heavy from the pre-mature cancellation after season five of the show. His adorable nature and sense of humour kept us anticipating the next episode every single time. He always tried to help his friends at any cost, never really asking for credit every time he saved Arthur. Sure, he’s made mistakes, but that only goes to prove that even though he’s a supernatural being he still has very human emotions.



TV Show: True Blood

What Is He: A damn sexy vampire

Our favourite TB vamp always knew how to make an entrance. Don’t even get us started on that body. He was definitely flawed but he proved his loyalty more than once during the show’s seven season run. With the  expert sass and style he brought to the show we can forgive an indiscretion or two…

Bonnie Bennett (KAT GRAHAM)

TV Show: The Vampire Diaries

What Is She: A witch who deserves better

Bonnie is the badass witch that always saves everyone else’s asses. Without her wonderful witch powers and her selflessness (she dies for Elena at least once a season) the show wouldn’t have been the same. Although her character hasn’t head much good luck over the past seven seasons, her character instantly makes every scene better. Plus her friendship with Damon became one of our all time favourite moments.


TV Show: iZombie

What Is She: The most non-threatening zombie you will ever meet

Everyone’s favourite zombie is also a major asset to the Seattle Police Department, given that her ability to have flashbacks after eating someone’s brains has allowed her to help solve murders. She reached #heroinestatus almost instantly with her sass, her smarts and her general badassery.


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