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10 Childhood Faves Who Are Making Kick Ass Comebacks

Posted on August 19, 2016 by
childhood star comebacks

To say this generation is nostalgic af would be an understatement.

We’re the kings and queens of #TBTs, #FBFs and #WBWs — basically, we have a HUGE soft spot for anything that reminds us of the good ol’ days. It’s why we’re obsessed with the celebs from our childhood — our idols growing up. The people we wanted to be and be with.

While many of our favourites have gone off the deep end or stepped out of the spotlight, there are some child stars who have found success once again — proving that talent only gets better with age. These are the individuals who either took a step back, or had to fight to reinvent themselves.

The entertainment industry can have a real, lasting impact on someone’s life — both positive and negative. Some people need a break to regain focus and perspective, while others have pushed to remain true to themselves and their art — no matter what the cost.

Regardless, we’re just happy to have these talented performers back in our lives — reclaiming their place in pop culture.

Here are 10 of your childhood faves who are making kick ass comebacks:


Greyson Chance

Greyson catapulted to fame after a becoming a viral sensation — everyone couldn’t get enough of the talented 12 year-old singer and piano player, from Ellen DeGeneres to Ryan Seacrest. His cover of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” landed him a recording contract, but the young artist had minimal creative control in terms of his style and sound. Nowadays, Greyson is doing things his way — and we’re HERE for it. It’s clear he’s all grown up, writing much sexier material. Exhibit A? His SMOKIN’ hot single “Back On The Wall” from his new EP, Somewhere Over My Head. GET IT GREYSON!


Tahj Mowry

tahj mowry

SOURCE: alphalewolf

Our favourite Smart Guy is back on the small screen after some time away. Tahj Mowry — better known as the gifted T.J. Henderson — stole our hearts on the Disney Channel, both in his breakout role and as the voice of Wade Load in Kim Possible. He stepped back from acting from 2007 until 2012, when he landed his current starring role on Freeform’s Baby Daddy. And may we say, he’s lookin’ MIGHTY fine.


Emily Osment

Shout out to Emily Osment for always playing characters we relate to on a spiritual level. We first fell in love with Emily when she played Hannah Montana’s BFF — Lily Truscott — on Disney’s smash hit series. While Emily never really left Hollywood — once Hannah Montana wrapped, she focused on her music career and continued to act — she stuck to honing her craft and pursuing passion projects, versus trying to secure another role on another mega-successful show. Osment made her triumphant return to television in the Ashley Tisdale-produced Freeform show, Young And Hungry. To say it’s a perfect fit would be an understatement.



JoJo is finally back, but better than ever! The incredibly talented singer first made BIG waves within the music industry in 2004, when — at just 12 years old — she released her smash debut single “Leave (Get Out),” the ultimate break up jam. While she KILLED the pop game throughout the early 2000s, but her success was overshadowed by troubles with her record label. After battling to be released from multiple contracts, JoJo has a new home at Atlantic Records — and has been dropping track after track of pure brilliance.


Paul Butcher

How could we ever forget lil’ Dustin from Zoey 101?! The adorable actor is all grown up now — and glo’d up too — but has put acting on the back burner in favour of covering some of today’s biggest hits. It’s clear from his videos that the young man is multi-talented. How about recording an original Paul? Or at least a FIRE rendition of “The Gummy Bear Blues.”


Cole Sprouse

We applaud Dylan and Cole Sprouse for ending their relationship with Disney in order to focus on their education. While the twins never really left the spotlight — their social media game is TOO strong — they both haven’t acted since their Suite Life days. This is why we’re SO excited to watch Cole in the new CW series Riverdale — a show loosely based on the iconic Archie comics and animated cartoon Archie’s Weird Mysteries. Sprouse will be taking on the role of Jughead, which is absolutely perfect if you ask us — clearly Cole hasn’t lost his comedic touch.


Hilary Duff

hilary duff

SOURCE: about-hilary

No one was more excited when Hilary Duff announced her return to television than us here at ANDPOP. The talented actress was BORN to make us laugh on the small screen — as proven in her starring role in the iconic Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire. Hilary was all OVER the big screen in throughout the 2000s, but took some time off when she became pregnant with her son Luca. Now that her little guy is growing up, she’s focusing on her career again, playing Kelsey Peters in the hit TV show Younger. And trust us, she’s just as hilarious and quotable as ever.


Nick & Joe Jonas

Our hearts swell with pride watching 2/3 of the JoBros SLAY the music game. While we can’t deny that their reunion as a band was very short-lived, we’re glad that both Nick and Joe are still making music for all of us to enjoy.


Lizzy Caplan

lizzy caplan

SOURCE: welovelizzy

Lizzy Caplan is one of those Hollywood faces you always remember, but can’t quite place. We were first introduced to the awesome actress when she played Janis Ian in Mean Girls. She continued to act in a variety of projects, but wasn’t a part of a runaway hit since she starred in Tina Fey’s masterpiece. But now she’s taken Hollywood by storm, playing Virginia Johnson in Showtime’s smash hit series Masters Of Sex. She also recently starred in Now You See Me 2 alongside Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and Dave Frano — proving her star is truly on the rise in 2016.


Vanessa Hudgens

We first fell in love with Vanessa Hudgens as Gabriella Montez in High School Musical. Although she’s appeared in multiple — and much grittier — indie flicks since, it was her role as Rizzo in FOX’s Grease Live that put her back on our radar. The reigning “Queen Of Coachella” is also set to star in a brand new NBC series called Powerless — a comedy that takes place within the DC Comic universe.

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