We NEED These 11 Things Included In The Final Season Of The Vampire Diaries

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TVD fam, it’s been one hell of a ride.

Watching The Vampire Diaries has been wild from the very beginning. Fans have been introduced to (and fallen in love with) SO many vampires, werewolves, witches and hybrids — not to mention more doppelgängers than we care to remember.

After seven seasons of whirlwind romances, tragic deaths, insane story lines and tear-filled moments, it’s almost time to say goodbye — and we’re not ready TBH. But at least we’ll have some of the show’s most iconic moments to hold onto. How could we ever forget the first dance #Delena shared back in season one? Or how the Mikaelsons were reeking havoc in Mystic Falls — long before they took over New Orleans on The Originals?!

The CW series gave us some truly amazing performances from an incredible cast, compelling twists on traditional fantasy/sci-fi television and a killer soundtrack to boot — and because of that, we have to thank the show’s creator Julie Plec.

As we mentally, emotionally and physically prepare for its eighth and final season, we can’t help but think of the closure we require. There are only (roughly) 22 episodes remaining in the series, which doesn’t leave a ton of time to wrap up such a complex fictional world. WE HAVE BURNING QUESTIONS THAT NEED ANSWERS PEOPLE!!!

With that in mind, here are the 11 things we need to see in final season of The Vampire Diaries:


1. Delena reunited

Creator Julie Plec has already confirmed that Nina Dobrev will be returning for the series finale — THANK YOU TV GODS!!! While nothing has been set in stone — Dobrev’s commitment is based on a promise she made Plec — we’re hoping for a full-blown #Delena reunion, because this iconic OTP deserves to be endgame.


2. The identity of the “mysterious spirit” in the vault

For the first time in the show’s history, the identity of a supernatural creature has yet to be revealed to the audience. We know this “mysterious spirit” — what else would you call this thing?! — used Elena’s voice to trap Damon inside the vault, and it seems to be able to either hypnotize or full take over its victims. Either way, it’s freakin’ weird and we don’t trust it — not. one. bit.


3. Enzo and Damon saved from “the thing” inside the vault

We knew from the moment Enzo and Damon stepped into that creepy vault that very bad things were about to happen — clearly yelling at our TV screens was useless, ’cause our babes went in anyway. We don’t know exactly what happened inside — but based on the fact they were turned into full-blown rippers, we have a feeling things aren’t going to end well (remember Stefan “The Ripper?”) Enzo and Damon are leaving a trail of dead bodies in their wake, which doesn’t bode well for the rest of the TVD crew. SOMEONE SAVE THEM PLS!!!


4. Damon Salvatore one-liners

We only have one more season of witnessing Damon’s impressively quick wit and flawless one-liners, perhaps some of the best on TV. Our expectations are high — we’re looking at you Ian Somerhalder. Homie better bring his A-game.


5. Could someone tell us where Matt went though?

Matt always seems to get the short end of the stick. His beautiful human self barely experienced real happiness on the show. We thought all that had changed when he found Penny — but in the blink of an eye, he was forced to say goodbye in truly heartbreaking fashion. It’s why Matt left Mystic Falls — with the hopes of leaving all that pain behind. But selfishly, we’ve got our fingers crossed for his return so he can help finally put an end to all this chaos — once and for all.


6. Bonnie & Enzo, together again

Even though we NEVER would have predicted these two getting together, they’ve quickly become one of our favourite couples in the entire series. Their banter is perfect — and their chemistry? SO HOT! They’re just currently experiencing a minor bump in their relationship road….you know, the whole “mysterious creature turning Enzo into a psycho killer vampire” thing. Bonnie has already been through so much — so please Julie, give her the happy ending she deserves. Give Bon Bon her boyfriend back!


7. True love for Alaric

Much like Matt and Bonnie, Rick really hasn’t been lucky in love on TVD. Unfortunately, he lost Jenna early in the series. Then — when he was about to marry Jo — she was murdered by her psycho twin brother, Kai. Shit like that happens on The Vampire Diaries. However, he’s found happiness raising his beautiful daughters — and even though his relationship with Caroline was never romantic, he now has the incredible family he truly deserves. No one will replace Jo, but we hope Alaric ends up with someone by the end of series. At least give us some sort of flash forward — our hearts are already so fragile.


8. Jeremy’s return

As far as we know, Alaric sent Jeremy on a secret hunting mission — even though he told Elena he was headed to “art school” — and promptly vanished from Mystic Falls. His storyline is WIDE open should he decide to return home. Oddly enough, Jeremy is never really mentioned once he left — which would make his re-appearance all the more EPIC!


9. Bonnie MUST get her magic back

Bonnie Bennett without her magic is like mac without cheese. Watching how it’s affecting her is legitimately breaking our hearts. With time running out, a plan needs to be formed ASAP in order to get her powers back. We would LOVE to see Grams return — she may be the only character who can help.


 10. Tyler Lockwood’s return

Tyler managed to make it out of Mystic Falls alive — a very rare feat in the TVD universe. He briefly appeared in season seven, although that visit didn’t go so well. We’d love to see Tyler return in a better place; after all, the cast is gonna need all the help they can get in order to save Enzo and Damon.


11. The Mikaelsons in Mystic Falls

“FOR ONE LAST TIME” (we sang in our best Ariana Grande voice) we would KILL — pun intended — to see the Mikaelson family return to Mystic Falls, even if The Originals are busy with their own drama in New Orleans. Can you ever really have enough Klaus and Elijah?! No. The answer is no.

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