YouTube Tuesday: Margot Robbie Tells Hazel Hayes Why Her Scenes With The Joker Were Cut From Suicide Squad

Posted on August 9, 2016 by
Margot Robbie, Hazel Hayes, Tipsy Talk, Suicide Squad

ANDPOP is obsessed with YouTube! That’s why — every Tuesday — we round up the videos from the past week that you should be watching, liking and sharing — all from the channels you should be subscribed to by now.

This week, Jesse and Jeana reunite for a fun concert, Roman Atwood surprises his father with the car he’s always wanted, and Cara Delevingne answers questions from Caspar Lee’s mama.

Jesse & Jeana Reunite At A Logic Concert

PrankVSprank/BfvsGF’s Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith recently reunited for a fun night out in Philadelphia — taking in their friend Logic’s concert in the city. Whether they’re just friends or trying to rekindle their relationship — the pair announced their split on May 18th — we’re happy that these two are keeping things amicable.


Roman Atwood Surprises His Dad

Fans of the Atwood family KNOW how tight they are — but this surprise caught Roman’s parents completely off guard. For his father’s birthday, the popular YouTuber and vlogger treated his hard-working dad with the car of his dreams — a brand new Corvette!


Casey Neistat Compares Snapchat & Instagram Stories

Leave it to Casey Neistat to highlight the differences between Instagram’s latest update — the “Stories” feature — and the original Snapchat story with a little skit featuring Shonduras. Are you still using Snapchat, or have you made the switch?


Cara Delevingne Draws Her Famous Eyebrows on Caspar Lee

With no mention of Suicide Squad, Cara Delevingne sat down to chat with Caspar Lee — who asked questions his mother, Emily Riordan Lee, wanted answers to.


Seth Rogen Tries to Capture ‘The PokeRock’

Seth Rogen is the latest star to appear on The Rock’s YouTube channel — and of course, they’re playing Pokémon Go. As the “Sausage Party” actor uses the app, he encounters the rare ‘PokeRock.’


Margot Robbie Joins Hazel Hayes’ “Tipsy Talk”

The Suicide Squad actress joined Hazel Hayes — aka Chewingsand — to talk about her portrayal of Harley Quinn, working with David Ayer, as well as the scrapped Joker & Harley scenes over mimosas.

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