10 New Guest Stars We’re Excited To Watch In Our Favourite TV Shows This Fall

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When TV execs add new cast members to an already successful series, it’s a lot like going from “just friends” to “in a relationship.” Initially, it’s EXTREMELY nerve-wracking — you’ve spent a lot of time building this strong connection, and you worry that you might ruin what you once had by taking things to the next level.

It’s a big risk, altering the dynamics of a television show — especially when it’s already got a good thing going with its loyal fan base. These kinds of changes can make or break a small screen franchise. But if the casting director comes through, the pay off can be HUGE!

This upcoming TV season is already looking very promising. Some of our favourite shows are introducing some new characters into their worlds and we can hardly contain our excitement. We channelled that energy into creating this top 10 list.

These are the guys and gals we’re DYING see on our favourite series this fall:


1. Taylor Lautner (Scream Queens)

Taylor returned to our screens in a big way this past year — partnering with powerhouse streaming service Netflix to star in the Adam Sandler Western parody The Ridiculous 6 and their quirky TV comedy Cuckoo. TLautz will now be taking his talents to the SQ universe & the show’s upcoming third season, where he’ll play a doctor. Taylor Lautner in scrubs?! YES PLEASE!


2. Taye Diggs (Empire)

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Empire is famous for signing on KILLER guest stars — everyone from Pitbull to Chris Rock has played a small part in the making of the Lyon family dynasty. Mr. Diggs will be joining the cast as Angelo Dubios, a respected councilman from a very powerful New York family. Taye has dabbled in comedy, drama and we all know he slays the musical theatre game — is there anything the man can’t do?! The triple threat was born to be on Empire!


3. T.R. Knight (The Catch)

Happy indeed!

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Shondaland fans are ECSTATIC over this casting choice — T.R. has been a part of Shonda’s family ever since he donned a lab coat as Grey’s Anatomy‘s Dr. George O’Malley (#RIPGeorge). While Settle Grace still isn’t quite the same without him, fans will be thrilled to see T.R. return to one of the television maven’s series. Make sure to catch him on screen this fall — get it?!


4. Tom Felton (The Flash)

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Tom hasn’t appeared on the small screen all that much — his largest televised role being a one-season character arch on Murder In The First, in which he was INCREDIBLE. Now we’ll get the chance to see the former wizard step into the DC comic universe — taking on the role of crime scene investigator Julian Dorn — in the upcoming season of The Flash. To say we’re excited would be a HUGE understatement — we never grow tired of watching that beautiful man on screen.


5. Rihanna (Bates Motel)

“Bad Gal RiRi” just landed a MAJOR acting gig as one of the key players in the fifth and final season of Bates Motel. She’ll be taking on the iconic role of Alfred Hitchcock’s Marion Crane. We can’t think of a better way to end the series than with a lil’ Rihanna magic!


6. Tyler Hoechlin (Supergirl)

Supergirl isn’t the only new hero coming to The CW this fall. @tylerl_hoechlin is joining her as Superman!

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Supergirl has found her Superman — complete with piercing eyes and a chiseled jawline. Tyler will be moving on from MTV’s Teen Wolf to play Clark Kent himself. He’s a relatively new actor on the scene, and we’re excited to see a fresh face take on the role of the iconic character. Do us proud Ty!


7. John Stamos (Scream Queens)

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After the swift (read: heart-breaking) cancellation of John’s new show Grandfathered — but seriously, we still haven’t recovered — we took comfort in knowing that Stamos would be returning to the small screen as a series regular on Scream Queens. His character will be working closely with Taylor’s, so prepare yourself for the overwhelming hotness that will radiate off your television screens.


8. Rick Springfield (Supernatural)

ATTENTION ALL MOMS! The “Jessie’s Girl” singer and soap opera actor is moving over to The CW, where he’ll be playing Lucifer on Supernatural. That’s right, Lucifer has a new body and ours are READY!


9. Benedict Samuel (Gotham)

Gotham City has found its Mad Hatter. Benedict will be joining the cast of the FOX thriller for its upcoming third season. We already KNOW fans are in for a wild ride — THAT TRAILER THOUGH! — and after seeing what Samuel brought to The Walking Dead, it’s safe to say he’ll bring a VERY dynamic performance to the streets of Gotham.


10. Bryan Greenberg (The Mindy Project)

I crashed their party. @ikebarinholtz @fortunefeimster @mindykaling

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OTH FANS REJOICE — Jake Jagielski is headed back to the small screen! Ok, Jake isn’t returning to television, but the man who played him — the beautiful Bryan Greenberg — is joining the cast of The Mindy Project for season 5. Bryan’s kept busy acting and pursuing his music career since One Tree Hill wrapped, but truthfully he hasn’t gotten NEARLY enough prime time screen time as he deserves. He’ll play Ben, a new pediatric nurse forced to deal with Mindy and all of her hilarious antics. Hey, Mindy — if you want to hire more OTH alumni, we wouldn’t hate it…


Who are you excited to see hit the small screen this fall? Comment below or tweet us!

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