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10 Things To Keep An Eye Out For In “Nerve”

Posted on July 26, 2016 by
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Nerve was easily our most highly anticipated film of the summer — high stakes, romance, Emma Roberts, Dave Franco, what WASN’T there to love about the intense trailers?

The film from Directors Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost follows Vee Delmonico (Emma Roberts) a teenager who has a, safe to say, regular, unexciting life — that is, until she gets introduced to the new game thats taking the world by storm — Nerve. As she signs up to be a ‘player’ for the game that gives cash rewards for dares — that the world watches you complete — she bumps into Ian (Dave Franco), another player.

Together, the two run around New York City completing dares, each more “daring” than the last. Safe to say, the story is interesting and unique.

The twists and turns to this film, we won’t lie, had us on edge at times, curious what the next dare would be. We could’ve watched a full movie of innovative dares being completed by two of our fave actors —  but regrettably the movie was a bit on the shorter side.

Based on Jeanne Ryan’s novel by the same name, the YA thriller left us a bit underwhelmed — but that isn’t to say it wasn’t a film we’d watch again. Scenes throughout the film had the crowd cheering and laughing; we were always excited to see what was going to happen next — or who would make a surprise appearance.

For those anticipating Nerve, which is out tomorrow (July 27th), we highly recommend you keep your eyes peeled for these exciting things:


The Dares

Emma Roberts, Nerve, Gif

You best expect some nerve-breaking dares that takes the films to new “heights.”


The Cameos

casey neistat, nerve, gif
If that two second clip in the trailer wasn’t enough Casey for you, don’t sweat it — there’s more. It’s not long, but the cameo was enough to satisfy our Casey Neistat needs. But that’s not the only person who makes a cameo — but you’ll have to watch to see the other surprise players in the film.


Social media references

Right down to the apps that are used, the movie accurately nails all the social media references and slang perfectly. Terms like ‘AF’ are even seen used in text conversations —  movie kind of just gets us and our culture.


Samira Wiley

Yep. If you weren’t aware, the Orange Is The New Black star plays “Hacker Qween” in the film. As you would expect, Samira’s performance continues to prove that she can nail any role. Also, we witnessed a whole theatre scream when she appeared on the screen. True story.


Side Characters

emily meade, nerve, gif, emily meade in nerve

While Emma and Dave make for incredible key players, it was the side characters who made the movie especially interesting. Emily Meade’s portrayal of Sydney, a player and Vee’s fame hungry friend, brilliantly depicted the complicated character. She oozed the character’s personality and had us believing every word she said, both emotional and comedic.


The Views

Nerve, Nerve movie, New York City, NYC, GIF

We know that this isn’t the type of film isn’t one from which you expect incredible cinematography  — but it took place at night time in New York.. The scenery was breathtaking — from the diners to the top of buildings, every place was filmed in the most beautiful and flattering way.


Machine Gun Kelly

You read that right. The rapper portrayed Ty — better known by his hilarious username “TyDontDy.” MGK totally surprised us with his performance and is definitely something to look forward to.


The creepiness that is the internet

Nerve, Movie, Nerve gif

Once something is online, it’s there. Forever. And anyone can pull information about anyone. This film makes that clear. Watch what you post kids!


Franco & Roberts’ chemistry

emma roberts and dave franco nerve

SOURCE: emmarsource

You see the two stars chemistry from the get-go — our love for the actors individually is just a bonus.


Blue neon lights

Dave Franco, nerve, Emma Roberts, Gif, Nerve Gif

Keep your eyes peeled for their signature blue neon lights. They appear in multiple scenes and add a nice touch to the film.

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