Jon Bellion Completely Changed These Four Popular Songs & We’re Obsessed

Posted on July 18, 2016 by
jon bellion the motto

Jon Bellion is a musical genius for the ages — and we have all the proof you need. There is no doubt that his unique vocals, instrumental arrangements and special way of releasing his music has made him an indie gem that we can’t wait for the world to discover.

As of right now Jon is kind of a best kept secret in the music world — even though he also seems to be the name on everybody’s lips — but we just know that the world is about to fall in love with him and his stunning, relatable lyrics and chilled vibes.

His records The Definition and The Human Condition introduced us all to his now signature instrumentals and honest, which together have set him apart from all the others trying to make it big in the business. It’s this authentic originality that shines in his covers of popular songs.

Mind you, the artist may not have lent his talents to too many songs, but when he takes on a popular song, it’s a massive production — because he will rearrange everything about the tune to make it his own in a way we’ve never seen before. In these below covers Jon proves just why he’s one to watch. His understanding of music production gives him an extra edge when creating music and it’s clear to hear when he re-invents an existing song.


The Motto (Drake)

We can listen to him err’ day.


One Dance (Drake)

It’s crazy to actually watch him create all the beats — it puts into perspective what goes into all of his original tunes.


Pumped Up Kicks (Foster The People)

His vocals fit this tune PERFECTLY.


Moves Like Jagger (Maroon 5)

You’ve NEVER heard this pop song like this before.

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