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Broods Talk Working With Troye Sivan & Test Out Accents

Posted on July 6, 2016 by

New Zealand brother/sister behind indie duo Broods — Georgia and Caleb Nott ¬†— have a way of instantly relaxing us. Their soft sounds and cool beats are A sure remedy to calm you down and put you at peace — which is why their new album is everything we needed to keep us cool and loving life.

The last time we hung out with the siblings we tested who knows who best. Now, a new album — Conscious — and collaboration with Troye Sivan (“Ease”) later, there was a lot more to catch up on when we hung out with them.

When they were in town we asked the pair a couple questions about their killer new album, what a cool dude Troye Sivan is — and had them play a pretty hilarious game of Heads Up. A round of “accents” and “act it out” later, we have a serious case of #siblinggoals to measure up to. Seriously, these two are too cute — and have the voices of indie royalty.

Hit play for some Heads Up hilarity


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