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18 Times Dave Franco Earned His Swoon-Worthy Status

Posted on July 4, 2016 by
dave franco

Dave Franco never fails to make us feel some type of way. He’s been making us laugh since he first started flexing his funny bone on the ninth season of our favourite medical comedy, Scrubs.

Since, the actor’s appeared in some of Hollywood’s most hilarious films, including Superbad, 21 Jump Street,  Neighbors,  and Now You See Me — all of which have us convinced there is no actor or actress he DOESN’T have comedic chemistry with. His most recent film, Now You See Me 2, just reminded us that no matter who you put beside the actor, he shines.

Besides his knack for cracking us up, Dave is also straight up sexy. That strong jawline, the prominent brows, his signature smirk — the man is a FREAKIN’ dreamboat.

The combination of his charm, good looks, and undeniable talent has made him totally swoon-worthy.

As we patiently (read: impatiently) wait to see him in our predicted “Movie Of The Summer” Nerve — in which he stars alongside Emma Roberts — we decided to bring you the 15 times Dave Franco earned his swoon-worthy status:


First of all, take in his infectious laugh

dave franco

SOURCE: francob0ys

God he’s cute.


He’s very punny


We love a punny guy.


He’s just so darn kissable

emma roberts and dave franco nerve

SOURCE: emmarsource

Can we trade lives with Emma Roberts, or…?!


Remember that time he flawlessly rocked a suit?

dave franco

SOURCE: 1990hers

Two words: Per. Fection.

When he was an epically smooth card trickster in Now You See Me 2


Nothing like a man who’s good with his hands.


Just look at the swagger of this squad leader

Slay king.





No one is sexier when licking their lips



Then there’s the time he called out indifference towards the preservation of our planet

Preach Dave.


We challenge you to find a man who looks better in boxers



His adoration for animals is EVERYTHING

Exhibit A)

Exhibit B)

dave franco

SOURCE: spyhnxo

That is the luckiest cat in the entire world TBH.


Did we mention his jokes are perfect?!

dave franco

SOURCE: sorajan

Such cheesy. Much laughs.


We could literally watch him think all day long

Pensive Dave >all else


Bed head Dave is the best kind of Dave

dave franco

SOURCE: kehwi

Need a cuddle buddy Dave? ‘Cause we TOTALLY got your back.


When he made use of the word “Ja” not so cringeworthy

We do Dave, we truly do.


Holy tongue Batman

dave franco

SOURCE: nazinsel

Good LORD!


He’s such a (strip) tease

Pretty sure our ovaries just exploded.


Finally, when he saw right through us

He ain’t wrong.

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