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10 Times Hilary Duff Dropped Some SERIOUS Truth Bombs

Posted on June 29, 2016 by
hilary duff

There is no child star who shaped our lives quite like Hilary Duff.

One of the freshest faces of The Disney Channel in the late ’90s/early 2000s, Ms. Duff flawlessly captured our awkward adolescent years in Lizzie McGuire. Her performance in the iconic series made her a household name — and catapulted her to Hollywood stardom.

The queen of teen blockbusters ruled the big screen, playing the lead in fan favourites like A Cinderella Story, Raise Your Voice and — of course — The Lizzie McGuire Movie . Oh, and let’s not forget that she’s a pop star too!

These days,  while making us chuckle on Younger, Hilary STILL somehow manages to do it all — balancing motherhood with her acting and music career — all with the charm and sweetness we’ve come to expect from the down-to-earth celeb.

What we love most about Hilary is her commitment to voicing real and honest statements that resonate with young women — both teens and adults. Growing up in the spotlight under such scrutiny couldn’t have been easy, and we love how she highlights these struggles through her characters, in her interviews and her songs.

Here are 10 times Hilary Duff dropped some SERIOUS truth bombs:


When she flawlessly quoted Taylor Swift in her new TV show, Younger:




That time Lizzie accurately explained the struggle of loving someone who isn’t right for you:


Been there.


When she laid out the facts:


Yes. Yes there is Hilary.


That time Sam’s monologue in A Cinderella Story filled us with hope:




When she encouraged us to get out of our comfort zone:


The gospel according to Hilary.


That time she perfectly summarized our fears:


Pretty much.


 When her inner monologue was LITERALLY our inner monologue:


Same Lizzie, same.


 That time she sang an anthem meant to boost our spirits when we’re at our lowest point:


This is essentially a lyrical hug.


When she reminded us of our inner strength:

hilary duff


You’re right Hil — we GOT this.


Finally, when dealing with haters/exes/enemies, just remember the Duff mantra:



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