10 Times Klaine Made Us Believe In True Love

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It’s rare that a #OTP captures the hearts of an audience the way Kurt and Blaine did on Glee.

Fans rooted for “Klaine” before Darren Criss even got to the chorus of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” on his first episode on Glee as Blaine. It was clear from the get go that Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson were a fan favourite  — and we have the Tumblr blogs and gifs to prove it.

What started as a mentorship eventually became a relationship for the pair after a lot of painful (for us) flirting — “Baby It’s Cold Outside” anyone? — because WHY DID THAT TAKE SO LONG? When the two finally FINALLY kissed in now iconic episode Original Songs,  a groundbreaking television relationship for the ages was born — and we knew only good things (cute moments, duets, etc) could come of it.

While they certainly had their ups and downs over the course of the series, their connection was undeniable. Breakups were temporary — and important to their self growth — but in the end we got confirmation that they would in fact grow old together as a fabulous New York couple. We truly expected nothing less from the perfectly dramatic pair.

Watching them fall for one another on screen restored our faith in love as after their rough patches Kurt and Blaine truly accepted each other exactly for who they are — evident in every touch, kiss and performance. Although Glee has been over for a while, Klaine will have a lasting impact on those inspired and motivated by their honest and vulnerable love.

Here are 10 times Klaine made us believe in true love:


Their ICONIC first meeting:

Blaine’s smooth introduction, the hand-holding, THE SOUNDTRACK — honestly, we fell just as fast for Kurt’s new classmate as he did.


The way they hold each other:


SOURCE: cutegaygfs



When Kurt was thoroughly impressed by Blaine’s harmonica playing:

This gets us every time.


The way Blaine looks at Kurt:


SOURCE: Glee On Fox

If that’s not the look of true love, than we don’t know what is.


Any time they performed together:

Leave it to Klaine to make some of music’s most powerful love songs that much more meaningful.


Their first kiss:


SOURCE: cutegaygfs

The build up, the passion, THOSE JAW LINES!!! We simply cannot.


Their on-stage dynamic:


SOURCE: papitost

You can’t fake that kind of chemistry people.


When they took PDA to a WHOLE new level:


SOURCE: insidetigr

We’re a fan.


Any time they dance:

These two are like magnets, pulling each other in.


The way they comfort one another:

Our hearts.


Finally, their wedding:


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