Hailee Steinfeld And Halsey Can’t Take A Good Picture

Posted on May 27, 2016 by

We want to start listING all of 18 year old Hailee Steinfeld’s achievements — but we can’t be here all day. The young actress/singer has worn many hats in her already length career that stems from film — to Oscar nominations — to an abrupt splash onto the music scene.

The True Grit actress wowed us all when she joined the fierce female cast of Pitch Perfect for its second film and we’ve kind of been in love with her voice ever since — so it’s a good thing her EP HAIZ and opening gig on Meghan Trainor’s Untouchable Tour has quickly followed our obsession.

For obvious reasons (she’s basically #talentgoals) we caught up with Hailee when she was in town to talk about getting texted by Taylor Swift to appear in the “Bad Blood” music video & more

Hit play to get to know Hailee better through her Instagram pictures 


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