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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Nick de la Hoyde Strips Down “Never Gonna Beg For It”

Posted on May 27, 2016 by

Australian singer/songwriter Nick de la Hoyde is the internet’s best kept secret. Slowly but surely building a fan base on social media, the artist has a swag you can spot from miles away and boasts a unique sound that blends rap with pop. His soft vocals are heightened by his infectious speak-sing and uptempo beats, plain to see in his second single “Never Gonna Beg For It”

Recently, Nick ditched the beats to unplugs for an honest, vulnerable performance of the synthe heavy, sultry track — and we got the exclusive video for you.

For those new to the budding social media musician, Never Gonna Beg For It” is the title single off of his upcoming EP, following his debut single “Changing.” We can’t wait to hear more of Nick’s unique brand of R&B and keep your eyes open and ears peeled to what the 22 year old has in store — because we have a feeling he is going to take the internet music scene by storm.

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