11 Underrated Songstresses With Unique Style

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11 Underrated Songstresses With Unique Style

Moguls like Lady Gaga and Madonna have made careers out of their transformative style. They’re never afraid to push boundaries  and own EVERYTHING they wear — regardless how others respond to their choices.  … But you already knew, that because their style has earned them a spot in history as ground breaking game changers.

We’ll never stop hailing the iconic powerhouses like Cher and the rest of them — but it’s time someone brought the next generation to the forefront. These fresh faces boast a style that’s fashion forward, as well as a true reflection of who they are as artists and young women. Their costuming and style rounds them out as trailblazers, encouraging their bourgeoning fanbases to express themselves in the same way.

We’ve already brought you the KILLER tour looks from our favourite pop divas, but now it’s time to shine the style spotlight on the women in music who have embraced a look that’s truly their own. 




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Halsey’s style is an incredible blend of feminine glam and men’s street wear. She’s constantly merging gender-specific trends to create a look that’s all her own. From her hairstyle to her wardrobe, she’s never afraid to mix things up 


Tove Lo

coming atcha @bbmas! dress: @stellamccartney makeup: @colbymakeup hair: @koreyfitz

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This Swedish singer-songwriter isn’t just pop music’s next big thing — she’s also a fashion trendsetter. Known for embracing bohemian aesthetics and bold signature pieces (think over-sized faux fur jackets and embellished, textured body con) Tove Lo has a style edge that perfectly matches her sound — fun, with a dark twist.


Melanie Martinez

???????? 35mm film

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We are HERE for Melanie’s unapologetic, thematic style. She’s remained true to who she is through her look, sporting her two-tone hair colour even before she first appeared on The Voice. Clearly her aesthetic is HEAVILY influenced by her music. As she continues to promote her debut album Cry Baby through her tour of the same name she’s played with ultra girly, child-like looks that perfectly compliment the album art and underlying themes on the record.



Rocky horrorZ haha

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While Canadian indie darling Grimes is usually receiving praise for her unique sound, DIY approach to musicianship and progressive views (rightfully so we might add), we’d like to take a moment to celebrate her incredible style. Never one to rock the same look twice — from mixing multiple bold patterns, to playing with shape, structure and fabric — music’s current “It Girl” is constantly switching things up.


FKA Twigs


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Okay, serious question — is there anyone cooler than FKA Twigs? The experimental English singer-songwriter (among many other titles) has never shied away from pushing style to the forefront of her work. From her music videos to stage shows, her look is always a key component of her overall vision. It’s also often a celebration feminism and culture — a truly beautiful thing.


Bea Miller


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We’re kind of obsessed with Bea’s minimalist style. Neutral colour palettes, basic staple pieces (plaid, plain white tees, etc.) and distressed denim aren’t only sexy in their simplicity, but age-appropriate and super accessible for fans who find themselves inspired by her look. YES GIRL!



Tune in NOW to #ShiningALight on @AETV to watch as Sia helps promote racial equality.

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Putting her signature, shield-like bangs aside, Sia’s threads are super unique. Bold headpieces and colour-blocking are go-to faves for the powerful pop vocalist.



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R&B beauty Kehlani rocks a sexy style that doesn’t try too hard. She’s been known to show off her toned tummy in crop tops, but pairs the skin-baring look with masculine bottoms, creating the perfect balance. Her style pulls elements from hip hop and grunge, putting an unique spin on femininity.


Marina Diamandis

?? FROOT SUNDAE ?? . London, here we come!

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The front woman of Marina & The Diamonds is ALWAYS serving vintage glam both on and off stage. Her confidence when it comes to clothing is truly admirable as she fearlessly owns every single outfit she wears.


Janelle Monáe

Sharing my speech after receiving Maverick of the Year at The Power Up & AltaMed gala for those who couldn’t attend. It was a night full of diverse, strong, and powerful females. I hope this inspires in some small way: “I have seen the future. And the future is female. She is a bold, fearless, God. She fights for equality. The future looks like Amandla. The future looks like Myra. The future looks like Michelle Obama. The future looks like every woman in this room leading the charge for equality, representation, and peace around the world. Thank you Power up. Thank you Alta Med. Thank you again Amandla for introducing me. You are a vanguard and maverick in your own right. Thank you to my Wondaland team. I want to give a special thank you to my grandmother. She was a share cropper who picked cotton in Aberdeen, Mississippi. And to my mother who sacrificed her senior year in High school to give birth to me. I will accept the title Maverick. To me, a Maverick is constantly learning and growing. When it comes down to it, when it gets right down to it, I know that a maverick must “embrace the things that makes her unique even if it makes others uncomfortable”. A maverick stands up for the “other”, the one who is often times discriminated against. A maverick realizes that freedom is more important than fear. I dedicate this to my hero and friend Prince, a true feminist and the greatest maverick this world ever knew. Thank you. God bless you.” #WePowerUp

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Ms. Monáe burst onto the music scene with a unique look and never looked back. Favouring black and white and menswear-inspired looks, she uses style to combat sexism and redefine what it means to be a woman in music. SLAY QUEEN!


Hayley Williams

Hayley is modern punk-rock goddess. The Paramore front woman has always marched to the beat of her own drum when it comes to style. Her often 90s-inspired looks remind us of a young Gwen Stefani — but with a current, trendy twist.

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