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Each and every month we’ll be listing our “May Favourites” – because yes, we love watching Favourites videos on YouTube. We’ll be narrowing down the acts that caught our attention this month – either via new music or news worthy attention. Regardless, we’ve been loving these artists no matter how we discovered them — and you should too.

May, you’ve been good to us.

Ariana Grande’s new album dropped on us along with Drake’s #Views late April – so yes, it’s a given that we’ve been in love with music this month. However it’s these are the artists who were just put on our radar that we’ve had on repeat all month and, well, y u no listen to them yet?

…Unless you have. In that case, four for you. You go you.



A blessing upon many blessings. The trio from Los Angeles feeds to our every need, and relates to us on a spiritual level with their latest single “WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS.” With 2 EP’s out in 2015 — both of which are definitely worth a listen– we highly recommend this band for their individuality and unbelievably catchy lyrics. The band will also be performing at Wayhome Music Festival this summer!


Ria Mae

The new Canadian artist may not be one of you’ve heard of but if you live in Canada, there’s a 99% chance you’ve heard her infectious tune “Clothes Off” and we ain’t mad. The Halifax native’s sophomore self-titled album is set to be released on June third and we’re more then excited.


Greyson Chance

Greyson first gained attention with his 2010 performance of Lady Gaga’s “Papparazzi” went viral – but now 6 years later Chance has been CRUSHING it with solid tune after tune. His voice has matured and so has he — and it shows in his music. Greyson’s music is perfect accessory to a solid summer.


Coleman Hell

We secretly have the biggest crush on Colemen Hell and his raspy voice sent from above. While this artist isn’t exactly “new” on our radar, his performance at Canadian Music Week was definitely eye-opening. His unique sound can be appreciated by all music lovers.


Lukas Graham

Don’t think you’ve heard the last of this Danish act. After their insanely huge hit “7 Years,” his world-wide debut was nothing short of spectacular. Also, did you see their performance at the Billboard Music Awards? YES, YES, YES!


The 1975

It may be because of the slight heat increase in the weather, or their recent tour, but our new found appreciation for The 1975 is so long overdue it’s embarrassing. It’s critical that the world listens to this band. Their creativity and sound should never go unnoticed and the band alone deserves all the awards for being themselves and releasing music that his so uniquely them.


Declan McKenna

Yes, another act we found at Canadian Music Week — Declan McKenna. For anyone who’s a fan of artists like Jake Bugg, there’s no doubt you’ll love Declan. The 17 year old — seriously his age  boggles our minds — boasts a great Indie sound ideal  for anyone looking for chill music. And if you haven’t heard his tune “Brazil” yet, oh man, you’re definitely doing it wrong.

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