Track By Track Review: Thank You by Meghan Trainor

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meghan trainor thank you review

When Meghan Trainor releases new music, we must give thanks.

Unless you live without music, you know who Meghan is. Our girl rose to the top of the charts almost instantly with her debut album Title last year — thanks to her viral hit “All About ThEe Bass.” It wasn’t until after we fell in love with her confidence and her music that we learned that she’s also a hit-maker for some of our favourite artists.

Confidence and female empowerment has been a consistent theme in her songs that are all anthems for loving yourself. With her tunes  she’s become a role model for woman all over the world, reminding them that they are fierce.

Obviously we were desperate for new music, which is why we couldn’t be happier that the grammy winning artist’s new album Thank You has arrived. Singles like “No” and “Me Too” off of the record promised a more mature and intense Meghan Trainor sound, so we’re here to tell you how she delivered.

Will we be thanking Meghan for her new album? Find out below in our track-by-track review.


Watch Me Do

The album’s opening track is all kinds of soul, spice and everything nice. We know Meghan loves to spit a little rap a verse in her songs, and this one is no different. The tune is an overall great song to throw on when you’re feeling all kinds of fabulous because #watchmedo!


strong>Me Too

Musically, the back-and-forth between dubstep-like beats and the jazz/funk-inspired chorus is confusing and doesn’t fit seamlessly together. I love the club-vibes from the verses and I love the bubbly chorus — but not the attempt to blend the two. Lyrically, this girl is definitely loving her life right now —  Grammy-winning artist? Hmmm…we wouldn’t mind being her right now either, tbh.




Released as the album’s first single, NO is well-intentioned in it’s “I’m not here tonight for a man” message, but after all of its radio play it’s easy to become tired of it — but we don’t blame Meghan one but. The track is catchy but it’s not the album’s standout.




With a Caribbean flare and gentle vocals from Meghan, we are loving “Better.” It’s a step in a different direction from the retro-pop that she’s been known for, but we’re loving the throwback-Rihanna vibes that we’re getting.  We need to also ad that the verse from rapper Yo Gotti fits like a glove.



Hopeless Romantic

The acoustic guitar comes out for the album’s first ballad- a sweet little number about waiting for/not giving up that revolutionary kind of love. It’s such a cute song and we’re loving the way she layers the vocals on the last choruses. Serenade us, Meghan.



I Love Me

Lunchmoney Lewis is the song’s guest vocals and together they gel incredibly well. Bless the double-string bass and musical genius of producer Ricky Reed. This song feels like a grown-up Meghan Trainor — retro and fun but in a more mature musical styling.



Kindly Calm Me Down

Our hearts are breaking and growing for Meghan because “Kindly Calm Me Down” is simply a beautifully written ballad. Her lyrics call for the song’s subject to be her rock when everything else in her life is overwhelming. It grows from a few bars of the piano, to a crescendo with drum-line rhythms. These kinds of songs are where Meghan really shows off her song writing skills. A+++++.



Woman Up

Here’s some fun female-empowered lyrics that you’ll definitely be chanting with the girls, because we’ve heard “man up” way too much — plus “woman up” sounds much better. We dig the song’s danc-y pop feel and the anthemic atmosphere.



Just A Friend To You

Clearly Meghan was influenced by the melodies of the Caribbean. This tune is on the opposite end of the music spectrum when you listen to all her dance tracks, but sometimes the best Meghan songs come when she unplugs.



I Won’t Let You Down

We’re definitely swaying along to this light-hearted pop song with that familiar Caribbean flare. M-Train offers up a promise to be the best she can be and to do better for the person most important to her. If you feel the need to get up and dance along, that’s totally normal and encouraged.


Dance Like Yo Daddy

After hearing how she’s developing musically with the rest of this album, “Dance Like Yo Daddy” feels a little juvenile lyrically and sounds a little too much like a lovechild between “If You’re Lips Are Moving” and “All About The Bass”. Catchy? Yes. Her best song? No.



strong>Champagne Problems

Between Meghan and Nick Jonas, it seems like everyone but us is having Champagne Problems. It doesn’t feel like it fits the more mature Meghan Trainor sound that she established with this record



4 Thank You’s out of 5

It’s no secret that M-Train knows how to cultivate a catchy pop song, and her new album is representative of that — but what really stands out here is her stunning lyrical ballads. With this album we travel from the clubs to the Caribbean, and it’s a fun melting pot of music. Most of the songs are solid hits, which means we should be hearing much more Meghan on the radio this year. THANK YOU, Meghan Trainor for delivering some really great ballads and fun dance tracks that have us excited to see her on the Untouchable Tour.

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