10 Cartoons To Watch As An Adult

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It’s been confirmed that you’re NEVER too old to watch cartoons — why else would so many crude animated shows exist on the small screen?

There’s a lot to love about the adult geared cartoons that exist now — not to mention those shows that cater to all age groups. There’s something nostalgic about watching animated series, even if it’s at 10 pm at night and the humour is not childish in the slightest.

Bless the person (or people) who decided to give us shows that we can watch Saturday morning in our PJs to make us feel like kids again — just with adult humour and scenarios. Not to mention, these are also the shows that have brought the genius that is voice actor Jon Benjamin into our lives.

Because we’re all over sized toddlers here at ANDPOP, we’ve compiled a list of cartoons that you should be watching as you adult your way through the world (or at least attempt to).

These animated TV series pack a punch with their adult humour, sassy social commentary, over the top plot lines — basically everything you love about television today: 


1. The Simpsons

This OG adult animated series is also the longest-running scripted series on television… period. The yellow family of five even have their own star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame — to say it’s an institution would be an understatement. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie have become full-fledged pop culture icons, always pushing the boundaries of what is considered primetime appropriate. We suggest going back to the beginning to start with the first season. Since it premiered in 1989, we’re pretty sure most of you haven’t seen it — because you weren’t born yet.


2. Daria


SOURCE: lsd-sloth

Daria truly speaks to millennials — even though it aired on MTV from 1997 to 2001. Daria Morgendorffer isn’t your typical TV female protagonist — and that’s exactly why we love her. Void of emotion and rebellious against classic feminine archetypes, she’s quick to call it like it is and challenge the status quo. Basically, she’s a total bad ass.


3. Archer

[EDITORS NOTE: Phrasing…]

Archer is by FAR one of the funniest — and most ridiculous — shows on the air right now. If you’ve never seen the FX series, we propose you this concert: James Bond and Austin Powers had a neurotic baby who followed in his fathers’ footsteps of international espionage. While Archer has definitely morphed along the way — creator Adam Reed has taken the show in multiply different directions over the course of its run — you can always expect crass humour, action-packed plot lines and one fantastic catchphrase.


4. Spongebob Squarepants

Okay, we know what you’re thinking — this was a childhood staple, so why is it on our list of cartoons to watch as an adult? The brilliant writing for one. We STRONGLY suggest going back and re-watching Spongebob, simply to discover all the incredible jokes that flew right over your head as a kid. The integration of subtle adult humour in this classic Nickelodeon cartoon is incredible. Plus Spongebob’s joyous energy is how we aspire to live — although we’re pretty sure Squidward is our spirit animal.


5. Bob’s Burgers

bob's burgers

SOURCE: tinas-burger

Quirky is perfect word to describe the Belchers — and this fantastic adult animated series. You already know that we’re #TeamTina, but we have a deep appreciation for what this show has been able to accomplish. It never fails to crack us up.


6. Family Guy

family guy

SOURCE: Family Guy

While some may argue that Seth MacFarlane comedy is an acquired taste (actually, we’d argue that), Family Guy just goes there, unapologetically. Although not every episode lands, we have to give credit where credit is due — Seth and co. have always used the animated series to provide unique social and political commentary. Plus, the show’s produced one of the best bromances of all time: Stewie and Brian Griffin. These two need their own full-length buddy comedy, STAT.


7. Adventure Time

Technically another children’s cartoon, Adventure Time is really for TV lovers of all ages. Fun, colourful and comical, we dare you not to fall in love with the feel-good Cartoon Network favourite.


8. Bojack Horseman

bojack horseman

SOURCE: xbadmedicine

We’re obsessed with this Netflix original for a variety of reasons. From its powerhouse cast — Community‘s Alison Brie, Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul and Arrested Development‘s Will Arnett (just to name a few) — to its ridiculous concept (following a washed-up, former television star who just happens to be a horse), trust us when we say it’s totally binge-worthy.


9. Rick & Morty

Anything that begins as a Back To The Future parody is bound to be great — which is why Rick and Morty is such a great show. With Community creator Dan Harmon at the helm, the slightly dark, mostly silly animated series is a comedy and Sci-Fi lover’s dream come true.


10. South Park

And more in the saga of “top 10 longest-running scripted TV series…” South Park premiered in 1997, and has been entertaining audiences with its hilarity ever since. Creators and stars Trey Parker and Matt Stone have proven themselves to be comedic visionaries — and are never, EVER afraid to say what we’re all thinking.

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