Nick Carter Teaches BSB Dance Move & Tries Snapchat Filter

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We’re just going to skip all the Backstreet Boys puns and just get down to business. Boy band member (and our childhood — okay and adulthood crush) Nick Carter has grown up quite a bit since the inception of BSB with fellow members A. J. McLean, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough, and Kevin Richardson. He was 12 — jussayin.

Still the youngest of the group (funny how that works out), the 36-year-old has grown up — and still has that voice and those dance moves in check. Nick is currently taking his most recent solo record All American on a US tour — the All American Tour.  Nick actually has three solo records under his belt, all recorded in between BSB projects. Yeah, did we mention they have another album coming out? There’s also that. 

For the sake of our nostalgia, Nick made a couple tour stops in Canada, so obviously Simon had to take the chance to catch up with Nick to take him through his larger than life Instagram posts — and ask him to teach him how to dance. Not even Nick Carter can perform certain miracles apparently.


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