6 Things Fangirls Can Look Forward To In Allegiant

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Two years ago the world was introduced to the world of factions when Veronica Roth’s dystopian trilogy was first adapted for the screen with Divergent. Then, we got to see the aftermath unfold in Insurgent. Now Roth’s story continues with Allegiant, which picks up where Insurgent leaves off — with Jeanine’s death and Evelyn Eaton (Naomi Watts) taking over Chicago to force the “no faction” rule.

In other words, chaos has ensued.

In the movie that premieres this weekend (March 18),  Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) are determined to find something behind the wall with Caleb (Ansel Elgort), Christina (Zoë Kravitz) … and tagalong Peter Miles Teller). What they discover is a world that no one could have imagined – not even Tris.

The movie sees the epitome of squad goals trying to find a way to resolve what’s happening in Chicago, and reveals where the faction system began — and as you would expect, it’s not pretty. Still, we have to say that Allegiant will not be the stand out film in the Divergent series you were hoping for.

What was supposed to be the final film, but now split into two parts, has a slow beginning, middle and end. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to look forward to. The movie has its moments and some new actors joining the team who will have you intrigued.

Now, #PledgeAllegiant to these amazing moments and actors that will steal your fangirl hearts:


Public Displays of Affection

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SOURCE: Tumblr

For you hardcore Fourtris shippers, this will be the film where all the PDA in the world is at your disposable. Get ready to gif your little hearts out.


Shailene Woodley

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SOURCE: buzzfeed

One of the reasons why we always look forward to these films is to watch the talented Shailene Woodley. The actress continues to wow us with her spectacular performances and Allegiant is no exception. Every Tris monologue makes us  feel as if its truly Shailene speaking, because they are delivered with so much authority and confidence. Yeah, prepare to get goosebumps.


Peter’s Sassy Remarks

allegiant gifs


Leave it to Peter (Miles Teller) to add a bit of comedic humour into a mostly uneventful movie. “What’s the matter, stiff?”


Newcomer, Bill Skarsgärd

allegiant gif


You may know this actor from the Netflix series, Hemlock Grove (and his brother, Alex Skarsgärd, from True Blood). Bill, a personal favourite and great addition to this franchise, is one of Allegiant’s saving graces. His portrayal of Matthew is friendly yet assertive, and he’s pretty easy on the eyes. Okay, he’s beautiful.


Badass Four

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SOURCE: tumblr

Scene after scene, we see Four take on a troop of armed soldiers while unarmed and still rise as the victor. TAKE THAT OPPRESSORS!


The Girl Power

Through Christina and Tris as well as Johanna (the leader of Amity, now Allegiant) and Evelyn, this film continues to embody the strength that women possess  We wouldn’t fuck with them if we were you.


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