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Jillionaire (Major Lazer) Will Punch Someone If He Has To!

Posted on March 8, 2016 by

You probably best know Christopher Leacock as Dj, producer and Major Lazer member Jillionaire.

Hailing from Trinidad, he joined forces with Diplo and, with Walshy Fire, became a part of EDM group Major Lazer back in 2011 — and they’ve been creating sick beats together ever since.

The group has 3 LPs under their belts — Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do, Free the Universe, and Peace Is the Mission — 2/3 of which have Jillionaire’s unique touch on them. oh, and Music Is the Weapon is on its way. That’s a lot of Major Lazer music — which means a whole lot of jamming. Their genre-friendly sound is a mix of EDM, dancehall, reggae — and basically anything else that makes you want to dance.

Obviously we had to hang out with the Major Lazer member when he hit up Toronto to take him way back to recall some firsts — and to talk fist fights?

Hit play to find out why Jillionaire will punch someone — but only if he has to


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