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Simple Plan Talks Getting Bottled On Stage & Puking From SoCo

Posted on February 23, 2016 by

If you look back on Simple Plan’s five studio albums, you’ll remember the important role the French-Canadian rock band played in your high school life — if you don’t remember all the lyrics to “I’m Just A Kid,” you’re doing it wrong. Their pop-rock sound served as a soundtrack to our most awkward age and, for that, they will forever have a place in our hearts.

The band dropped Taking One for the Team, their most recent album, earlier this month on February 19th, featuring “I Don’t Want To Go To Bed,” a collab with Nelly — another blast from the past.

We caught up with a portion of the band — lead vocalist Pierre Bouvier, lead guitarist Jeff Stinco and bassist David Desrosiers — when they were in town to take a stroll down memory lane… and boy do these guys have memories.

Between getting bottled on stage and puking from SoCo are more hilarious stories that you’ll hear if you press that play button!


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