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Guys & Girls Reveal Losing Virginity Stories (OMG SEX!!)

Posted on February 12, 2016 by

Lets talk about SEX.

Inspired by the hilarious How I Lost My V-Card twitter account — head here for all of the lols — some of the ANDPOP team headed to the studio for one of our freakiest Freaky Fun Friday videos yet.

In a safe space with no (see: minimal) judgement, our host Simon Mohos got our online editor (see: awkward internet writer) Brittany and ANDPOP boss man (See: Office Albino) Rob to share the stories of their first times having “The Sex,” and shared his story as well — because that’s only fair.


Guys & Girls Reveal Losing Virginity Stories (OMG SEX!!)

SOURCE: Photo Bucket

Hit play to watch all of the awkwardness — and for some cautionary Sex tips (wrap it before you tap it everyone)


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