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These Celebs Would Be PERFECT Oscar Hosts

Posted on February 4, 2016 by
These Celebs Would Be PERFECT Oscar Hosts

It’s safe to say that this year’s Oscars has become a political and social justice spectacle. With the #OscarsSoWhite social media campaign gaining more traction. As different personalities provide their  2 cents on the diversity — or lack there off — of nominees,  “Hollywood’s Biggest Night” is rapidly becoming Hollywood’s most controversial night.

This year’s Oscars, and awards show like it, are becoming more and more predictable, questionable, and sometimes (just sometimes) pleasantly surprising. After all, who isn’t excited to see James Cordon host the Tony Awards this year?

While we’re definitely interested to see what host Chris Rock has in store as he takes on the MC duties when the show airs on February 28th, we’re hoping next year will prove to be a clean slate for the Academy.

Obviously the hosting gig isn’t high on the list of priorities in terms of the ways we need to see the event change, but we think it’s time to shake things up — bring in some fresh, relevant talent with unique world views that represent not only the industry, but the audience tuning in.


Here are 10 celebs who’d be PERFECT Oscar hosts:


1. Tina Fey & Amy Poehler

tina and amy

SOURCE: teendotcom

As if we even need to point out why this perfect pair would SLAY as MCs.


2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

JGL is a quadruple threat — the man can act, sing, dance AND has impeccable comedic timing. What more could you want from an Oscars’ host?!


3. Viola Davis

viola davis

SOURCE: isaacoscar

In light of all of the controversy surrounding Hollywood and The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences — everything from #OscarsSoWhite, to the wage gap and equal opportunities for women in the industry — who better to host than Viola, a strong, empowered advocate for women of colour?


4. James Corden

james corden

SOURCE: sizvideos

James is set to host the 2016 Tony Awards — a match made in heaven. Not only does the British stage star turned American late night fixture have the skills and practical experience, he’d transform the typically stuffy ceremony into a fun party! CARPOOL KARAOKE WITH ALL THE CELEBS!!!


5. Amy Schumer

We have a feeling Amy wouldn’t hold back as host of The Academy Awards. It would be extremely hilarious and, more so, refreshing, to see a woman in comedy take on a persona similar to that of Ricky Gervais — albeit a little smarter, and a little less petty. Plus, she’d probably pair up with some of her famous besties — *ahem* JLaw — for some super funny segments.


6. Leonardo DiCaprio

If the Academy isn’t gonna give Leo a golden statue, he might as well host the award show…and steal one.


7. Chelsea Handler

Chelsea is another female comedienne we’d LOVE to see take on hosting duties. Strong, sassy, empowered and brazen — someone book this woman STAT!


8. Aziz Ansari

We think Aziz would tap into a younger viewership the Oscars is constantly trying to reach. He’d bring a fresh voice and POV to the hosting gig as well. Plus, he’s got the comedy chops to pull it off.


9. Melissa McCarthy

Because of her comedic skills, positive outlook and general like-ability — because seriously, who DOESN’T love Melissa McCarthy?! — she’d kill it as an Oscar host. We’d also love to see some body diversity in hosts, just saying.


9. Jimmy Fallon

Well, DUH!

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