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BATTLE OF THE SEXES: Who Knows Their Celebrity Boobs The Best

Posted on January 29, 2016 by

It’s exactly what you think it is:

Who do you think would know their celebrity boobs the best — gals, or guys?

We put this question to test at ANDPOP HQ when we challenged the females and males of our office to go toe to toe (or boob to boob?) to see who could best identify celebrity boobs. This competition came after some gruelling research on the part of our host Simon Mohos who managed to find some pictures of celebrities with boobs of a wide variety to test the guys and gals of the office’s knowledge of celebrity breasticles.

Team Gal: Brittany squared (That’s online editor writer person and ginger Brittany) and eye-makeup queen Kay on one team
Team Guy: Humble hipster video editor Kyle, hot dog specialist Nick and office Albino (and boss man) Rob.

Who do you think won? You’ll have to press that play button to find out:


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