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There’s a lot of things that winter makes challenging — you know, like breathing.  Okay, but in all honestly, one of the hardest things about winter is getting dressed in the morning.

Hear us out: the constant struggle between looking cute and staying warm is endless. Let’s not forget that work offices and school classrooms all seem to have drastically differently temperatures, making life even harder. We feel you.

Fortunately, we can always count on our favourite fashion YouTubers to inspire and enlighten us because, lets be honest — where would we be without all of our #TeamInternet faves? They save our outfit crisis’ every time. These YouTubers provide us with outfit ideas that are appropriate for all offices and classrooms thanks to subtle layering and good transitional pieces.

To make your life a little bit easier, we’ve rounded up some winter lookbooks, both old and new, from our favourite YouTubers to inspire some outfits that we feel good AND warm in:


Jenn Im (ClothesEncounters)

Jenn balances grungy and sophisticated like no other. Her lookbook boasts looks perfect for catching up with friends with friends, nights out, and work-appropriate outfits with an edge.


Brittany Balyn (Brittany Balyn)

Prints, textures and furry jackets — OH MY! We dig her edgy (and warm) style.


Joe Conza (joeconza

For all those stylin’ guys out there, Joe kills the fashion game and is bound to inspire some of your looks this winter. His coat/turtleneck/scarf combo SLAYS.


Charisse Christine (Charisse Christine)

For those with a cute, sporty & comfy style (because, really, what’s better than a cute and comfortable combo?), Charisse Christine has got you covered with looks that are the epitome of sporty chic.


Tiffany (TiffyQuake)

If you get cold easily and have a vibrant style, this lookbook might as well be your winter Bible.


Alexandra Airene (LearningToBeFearless)

We love Alex’s sweet and flirty winter looks that flatter all body types. Also, we should mention, she’s #HairGoals, #EyeBrowGoals …basically she’s just #Goals.


Samantha Maria (Samantha Maria)

We’re pretty obsessed with Samantha’s edgy style. Her style is unique and inspires us to come out of our fashion comfort zone — by stealing her looks. Also,  editing on POINT!

Tess Christine (Tess Christine)

Cozy coats, cozy hats, coazy sweaters…in one word? Cozy. Also, classy. Also, fabulous. Okay, we’re done.


Alex Centomo (Alex Centomo)

This Canadian YouTuber knows how to dress for the cold. We love how she made a game of this video instead of making a straight lookbook. Her looks are perfect for ANY winter party — and, you know, day to day if you’re fancy.

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