Raury Loves His Fans And Talks Putting College Aside

Posted on January 19, 2016 by

World, meet Raury — the 19-year-old who is about to change the game.

The Atlanta native’s debut record, All We Need,  first introduced us to the musician’s unique sound that’s close to impossible to pin back in October of last year. His soul, hip hop and folk infused vibes make him one of the scenes most genre bending musicians — so, naturally, we had to catch up with him when he hit up Toronto on his tour.

His original sound is only the beginning of the long list of things that make the young artist special. His interesting and always open mind inspires and motivates both us and his fans, the latter who headed over to ANDPOP HQ to ask their questions to Raury in person, as part of our Tweet To Meet contest.


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