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An Open Letter To Directioners

Posted on January 13, 2016 by
one direction

Dear Directioners,

I write to you as a fellow fan, because in these trying times we all need to stick together. To be honest, as I write this, “Made in the AM” is currently playing in the background because just the sound of their voices puts me at ease — I know I’m not alone in that feeling. Ever since Liam, Louis, Niall and Harry announced the hiatus, we’ve experienced a roller coaster of emotions from fear to understanding. We can’t help but wonder what will it be like knowing we don’t have a world tour to get psyched for next year? I mean, you and me got a whole lot of history (yep, that happened).

Today ( January 13), the hiatus, as Us Weekly  and The Fader have reported, has reportedly escalated to a permanent split — which their rep has recently denied.

I know you’re scared. I’m scared too.

This is a very fragile time for us Directioners. After losing Zayn, and hearing him talk about how he was pretending to love being in the band, it’s natural to sometimes question where the band is at — even when the other four assure fans that the hiatus is nothing more than temporary. Now, with the rumours running rampant, the internet has this wonderful way of making you second guess what you think you know.

Our current status? Patiently stalking Twitter until one of the four boys shuts down these rumours. You know, so our breathing patterns can return to normal. Breathing is good.

2015 was a trying year for the band — and for us — but it also created their best album yet. We have to thank Harry Styles for giving us his sexiest vocals to date. Seriously though, have you heard those high notes!? Be still my heart.

But — that doesn’t mean we’re ready for the story to end. The band has faced rumours like this before, so all we can do right now is thank the heavens that their reps (for now) have denied these heartbreaking stories. Obviously, we’re just waiting for an adorable tweet from one of the boys about how they still have so much they want to accomplish together. But at the same time it’s important to prepare ourselves and support the band if they turn out to be more than just rumours — and then sing “History” together with lots of ice cream and even more tissues.

So Directioners, stay strong. We’ve survived losing one member already and we’ve come out even stronger. Keep your Twitter feed on high alert and the music loud, because we don’t know what will happen. What we do know?  Whatever those boys choose to do it will be nothing short of greatness.

One Direction

SOURCE: YahooEntertainment


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