Top 5 & 1/2 Most Viewed YouTube Videos (Of All Time)

Posted on December 31, 2015 by

We can always count on YouTube for endless hours of entertainment. Whether we’re jamming to music videos, trying a DIY project or watching a vlog, YouTube always delivers a promise of education, laughter — and procrastination.

YouTube is a platform for the masses, which explains why so many creators have turned to it as an outlet — seriously, there are billions of eyes on the site every day, with everyone watching different things

— Except when we’re all watching the same video. Some videos circulate like wildfire — we’ve all come to love and loath that 301+ number that indicates YouTube trying to math (see: calculate mass amounts of views).

What are the most videos ever watched over the years? Hit that play button and our host Simon Mohos will tell you … and also try to explain just how one video can attract billions. He will also sing to you.

…Just press play okay?


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