JoJo Fills Out A Netflix & Chill Buddy Application

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LEAVE! GET OUT! Just kidding, come back — but speaking of comebacks…

Joanna Levesque, best known as JoJo, recorded her first album when she was 12. Since, she’s made her mark on music (and our hearts) with iconic tunes like “Leave” and “Too Little Too Late.”

If those tunes weren’t your elementary school jams, we need to have a talk.

Now 25, the songstress with killer vocals returned to our lives in a big way with her EP III (#Tringle), a set of three singles featuring more bangers like “When Love Hurts.” The powerhouse followed up with #LoveJo2, an EP sequel of sorts to her 2014 LoveJo.

We’re going to say it now: we couldn’t be happier to have her powerful vocals back in our lives. Give us ALL the new Jojo music. 

For a nostalgia filled No Filter interview, our host Simon Mohos caught up with the young songstress when she was in town for a stop on her I Am Jojo tour to take her through her Instagram and to have her fill out a Netflix & Chill buddy application.

Hit that play button for all that and more!

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