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9 Pop Culture Christmas Sweaters On Our Wish List

Posted on December 9, 2015 by
hotline bling drake sweater meme

We don’t know when or why the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” phenomenon began, but we do know that it’s one of the best parts of the holiday season. The uglier, the woolier and more cheesy, the better — what a way to stay warm during our cold, Canadian winters.

While you can find some real gems at thrift stores and vintage shops, 2015 seems to be the year of immortalizing the most iconic pop culture moments on wool/polyester blends.

If you’re currently trying to hunt down that snazzy holiday look – or searching for the perfect gift for that special someone – ANDPOP and the interwebz have got you covered.



“Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal”


This is a timeless classic. A nod to the infamous quote from Home Alone, it remains one of the most popular selections year after year.


Drake’s “Hotline Bling” Holiday Garb


It’s too perfect. Drake’s inescapable moves have now been stitched into the fabric of lives forever. #SweaterPunsFTW


SOURCE: spin


“Netflix & Chill”


We see what you did there, brilliant people of the Internet. If you want to caption your seasonal snaps with “Christmas Sweater Game Strong” — along with a string of holiday emojis –wrap yourself up in this warm millennial mantra.


The “Break The Internet” Parody


Kim K’s got nothing on Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick. Santa’s spoof of the Kardashian queen’s most talked about photo shoot is everything you didn’t know you needed.


A Pizza Lover’s Dream


If you’re looking to bring out the Christmas spirit in a guy or gal who loves their pizza pies, pick up this punny sweater because, let’s face it — “Merry Crustmas” is a holiday greeting we can all get behind.


The Night Before Sweaters


Did you love the holiday looks Anthony Mackie, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen rocked in their flick The Night Before? A company called Tipsy Elves, a business that secured an investment on the popular TV show Shark Tank, partnered with the production to create replicas of the sweaters the actors wore in the film.


“Winter Is Coming”

winter is coming

This relevant Games Of Thrones quote is timely, and can be worn far after the decorations have been put away.

Winter Is Coming

SOURCE: Bustle


May The Holiday Spirit Be With You


Stars Wars: The Force Awakens has been one of the most anticipated movies of 2015 so, naturally, almost every product ever is getting a franchise makeover. Christmas sweaters are no exception.


Buddy The Elf Curse 


Want to express your frustration with the holiday season? Buddy The Elf’s got you covered.


SOURCE: Bustle




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