What Does Troye Sivan Look For In A Boyfriend? (Part 2 of 2)

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South African born Australian Troye Sivan is an all around artist. A content creator and musician, he continues to put his art out into the world — and thank goodness he does.

Our host Simon Mohos caught up with Troye when he was in Toronto for the day promoting his debut full-length album Blue Neighbourhood (5/5 would listen to again) and, if you already watched part 1,  you know what kind of shenanigans we got up to. In part two of our interview with the 20-year-old, we dive into Troye’s love life (IS HE SINGLE? WE NEED TO KNOW FOR SCIENCE), and talk Years & Years’ Olly Alexander.

A crazy successful YouTube channel, film gigs, two EP’s and, now, a full length album later, we still don’t know how Troye does it all, but we love that he just keeps doin’ it.


Press that play button to find out Troye’s relationship status and more details — not including how he gets his hair to look like that… but we still want to know. 


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