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While we love all things fictional – from full-length features to scandalous small screen favourites – there truly is something special about the reality of documentaries and all the incredible things they bring to the film industry. Whether they follow eye-opening back-stories, offer a behind-the-scenes look at a favourite film or television series — or just straight up knowledge –docs entertain in their own unique way.

Documentaries’ prevalence in pop culture has skyrocketed thanks to timely topics that young people immerse themselves in — like the lives of YouTubers, among others who inspire and interest us. For one, it’s no secret that we can’t wait for Tyler Oakley’s Snervous — which we will finally be able to watch in a few days. Tyler’s doc follows his life as a YouTuber, his Slumber Party tour and, honestly, we expect to feel every emotion.

Snervous is just one doc speaking to the generation’s fascination with real stories about real people that they connect with. After all, the new year will bring us Vlogumentary, which is exactly what it sounds like — a deeper look into the lives of some of our favourite Vloggers.

These thought provoking documentaries that make us reflect on how we feel about and receive pop culture are plentiful and keep rolling in, and continue to help this generation become more aware of the always growing role of pop culture in our lives.


For all you pop culture junkies out there, ANDPOP has compiled a list of must see documentaries we know will make your fangirl hearts grow fonder:


Amy (2015)

While this documentary obviously centres around the life and times of the late, great jazz pop performer Amy Winehouse, it also explores themes like disorder and addiction, complex relationships, and the price that comes with fame — one that Amy ultimately paid with her life. Strung together by amateur footage, voiceovers and the music and lyrics that made Winehouse famous, Amy’s haunting and moving images stay with you long after the credits roll.


Showrunners: The Art of Running a TV Show (2014)

Ever wondered about the actual process behind the creation of your favourite television series? Well ponder no more – Showrunners follows the American powerhouse producers responsible for some of the small screen’s biggest hits. Featuring huge names like JJ Abrams (Alias, Lost), Joss Whedon (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), Kurt Sutter (Sons Of Anarchy), as well as Robert and Michelle King (The Good Wife), this documentary explores every aspect of bringing a show to life. Fangirls, prepare to see how your ships are born. 


Please Subscribe (2012)

Although a couple of year old, this film is still a fascinating look through the webcam of YouTube’s biggest stars, including Dan Brown and Grace Helbig. Exploring the big business content creators have capitalized on, the documentary shows how these seemingly normal individuals stumbled upon stardom simply by turning on a camera. This doc can be filed next to other YouTube centric documentaries like Almost Famous and, more recently, The Creators. 


5 Seconds of Summer: How Did We End Up Here? (2015)

Featuring performances from their show at London’s iconic Wembley Arena, How Did We End Up Here gives 5SOS fans a look into the band’s lives on tour in combination with in-depth interviews with all four attractive Aussies. While a concert film at heart, this documentary also shows audiences behind-the-scenes footage of recording sessions, personal images from the group members’ childhoods, and their journey as a band from nobodies to one of the biggest pop-rock acts in the world.


Beyond Clueless (2014)

This documentary dives into the world of the wildly successful teen-centric, high school film genre. Covering classic likes Clueless (duh!), Mean Girls and everything in between, director Charlie Lyne unpacks how these films imitated real, raw adolescence, and – in turn – influenced the phenomena that shaped the 21st century youth cultural experience.


Pentatonix: On My Way Home (2015)

This documentary follows a capella group Pentatonix on their 2015 sold out North American tour. The film provides the back story of the friends who went from reality TV show winners to Grammy award-winning artists who have put the long-forgotten musical genre of a capella back on the map.

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