Track By Track Album Review: Blue Neighbourhood By Troye Sivan

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Troye Sivan

Today is a great day for #TeamInternet thanks to one Mr. Troye Sivan.

The South-African/Australian that captured our hearts years ago via his Youtube Channel has been on radar non-stop with his budding and successful career. Between his films, Spud, his unique song inspired by John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars and his multiple number one singles, Sivan is moving full speed ahead — and he just keeps accelerating. The creator released his first EP TRXYE back in 2014 and followed up with his second EP “Wild” this September, which was accompanied by the “Blue Neighbourhood” video series that included a video for his songs “Wild,” “Fools,” and “Talk Me Down.”

So naturally, Troye Sivan is considered nothing less than a metahuman over here at ANDPOP– he can do it all, and with perfect hair to boot. With films, multiple EP’s and chart topping singles under his belt, Troye has now released his debut LP, Blue Neighbourhood — and we’re hear to tell you if it’s everything we thought it would be.





Very much like Troye, this song drives us wild. This track perfectly encapsulates that  moment you fall in complete and utter love. Sing the chorus into your hairbrush for maximum fangirling and feels.



Within the first thirty seconds of this song, we were sold. The mystery and sound of this song is intriguing mainly because it’s nothing like what we’ve heard from Troye.



This song is pretty much the aftermath of falling so madly in love where you begin to question why you did all that — it’s “Wild’s” sequel. Also, lets not forget to thank Troye for having his fans shout “only fools” at a show and then adding it into the finished track.


4. EASE (ft. Broods)

Co-written by Broods’ Georgia and Caleb Nott along with Troye, “Ease” is the song that you will have on repeat. Their voices intertwined are soothing to both the ears and heart.



A nice follow up to “Ease,” the drum kick in this tune separates it from the other songs. It leads to a chorus that blends in with the rest of the album.


6. DKLA (ft. Tkay Maidza)

This song slipped under our radar when the the WILD EP dropped but now having a second listen to this track featuring Tkay, we now appreciate the route that Troye took. The song itself doesn’t stick out – but we’re very intrigued to hear this song live.



The third video in the “Blue Neighbourhood” video series was a great surprise – as it was a new song that no one heard of at the time. The music video and song are both solid and have the ability to connect with a a huge amount of fans.



We feel so “cool” listening to this tune. Troye takes the chill route with this song. To some, the lyrics simply sound as if Troye is talking about trying to impress someone — but it’s so much more than that. This song is a film composers dream come true. It’s just screaming to be featured in an indie movie.


9. HEAVEN (ft. Betty Who)

We feel serenity when listening to this song. Troye teams up with his fellow Aussie Betty Who (oooh, somebody loves you) for a calming, ‘heaven’ sounding like song. The lyrics also need to be commended with this tune as it has simple lyrics that will trigger big reactions. Definitely a memorable track!



Yet another banger  from Troye. This song is a hit and it has us feeling the same way that “WILD.” The catchy chorus and memorable lyrics make this song worthy enough to be a single.



“Lost Boy” is adorable. Simple. It’s for those who are different. Who don’t know exactly what they’re doing or going, but that’s okay. This song sticks with us – the listener – and resonates well.


12. For him. (ft. Allday)

Your new favourite love song is here. But what makes this even better is that it doesn’t really sound like a love song. It has no sappy melody but it does have solid lyrics and a great beat that has us wanting anyone, Troye in particular, singing it to us. Australian rapper Allday’s verse in the song made this track more unique and special.



“Suburbia” is perfect for the homesick. We’re not sure where Troye’s head was in writing this track, but it sounds like he was missing his family, Perth and the lyrics make us feel that.



Our hearts are breaking just typing this. “Too Good” is different from anything else this album has to offer –  it boasts a slower vibe that’s almost Sam Smith like. That hard hitting tune that plays with your every heart string, that’s “Too Good.”


15. BLUE (ft. Alex Hope)

You’ll be screaming “OMG” when listening to this. OMG is really the best way to describe this song. The duet between Troye and Alex Hope is mesmerizing and hauntingly beautiful.


16. WILD (XXYYXX Remix)

To wrap up the album, we have the single that had us all buzzing with excitement remixed by XXyyxx. As I’m not a fan of songs when remixed, this was an exception. The remix works well with the album and is definitely a track we want to hear at parties.


Troye Sivan

Album Cover Art Provided


Blue Neighbourhood is everything we expected from Troye’s debut album. It has heart, in depth lyrics and is true to Troye’s self and sound. He tells a story with each track while still allowing room for interpretation. We were introduced to a few upcoming Australian acts within the album alongside Betty Who, which was refreshing and inspiring to hear. This debut album knows how to trigger emotions as does Troye with his daily life and he should be commended for his hard work. Slay Troye.


troye sivan



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