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Top 5 & 1/2: Make Out Songs

Posted on December 3, 2015 by

Press that play button to let the sweet sounds of a sexy tune set the tone on your date — that is, BEFORE you make your move. Captain obvious? Maybe. Subtle? No. Mood setter? Probably.

Things got romantic over at ANDPOP this week when we rounded up staff members Kyle (our humble office hipster), our host Simon (that guy who talks to celebrities, Brittany (she didn’t want to do this), OTHER Britney (it’s her official title), Rob (the office albino who also runs the ANDPOP ship) to reveal their favourite make out songs.

Go ahead and find someone to make-out with, whether it be your significant other, a (very good…very very good) friend, or you know that Nick Jonas poster, and put these tracks to the test.


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