Fictional Future Worlds We Would NOT Want To Live In

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At one point we all associated the future with flying cars and fun gadgets. Now, with so much of literature and film doing the theorizing for us, our idea of the future is a weird mix of zombies, factions — and cool gadgets.

Television shows, books, films, and book-to-movie adaptations over the last few years have been big on placing us in imagined future where, well, everything sucks. Whether it’s science fiction or apocalyptic, a lot of the worlds that some of our favourite stories take place in (through all mediums) are dystopian — which means they are set in a regressed world. Even worlds that seem advanced have elements that show signs of regression — we’re sorry The Giver, nothing sounds good about being assigned a job at age 12.

“Dystopian” is the genre of book, film and television that has taken over and we kind of love it — from a nice distance. Here are some of the fictional future worlds that are the backdrop of some of our favourite TV shows, movies and books that, while we love to live in a few hours at a time, we would never want to be stuck in.



The Hunger Games: Panem

Honestly, we wouldn’t want to live in any of the 12 (sorry, 13) districts of The Hunger Games. This begins with the fact that we would probably fail at the bloody  Hunger Games.  To be honest, we could only hide up in a tree for so long. This ends with the society’s concept that some lives are more important than others (sounds a bit familiar) — how can people in The Capitol live with themselves? (Sorry Effie. We love you Effie.) As much as a world with Peeta and Gale sounds pretty great, the scheming and manipulation that surrounds this world — we don’t like it. Not one bit.



The Giver: The Dystopian Utopia

the giver meryl streep

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The worst part about the world of The Giver is the people living in the world think it’s utopian. This world where every parents take in and raise two children via birth mothers (because giving birth to children is not natural in this world — it’s a job) has us seriously skeptical. Everyone advances at the same time, as every age is associated with a new development. Children are assigned jobs at age 12 and it just seems all too regulated. There is a lot of deception and secrets in this world where, may we mention, everyone sees in black and white. The main upside of the movie version of this world is there are a lot of cool gadgets and Meryl Streep is the head bitch in charge. Other than that, this is not a world we’d ever want to be placed in.



The Maze Runner: Wicked

The Maze Runner

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Yeah, Wicked is not good. To start with, people are conducting elaborate experiments on children to ensure life after a world of disease. To end with, the world is scorched and plagued with The Flare, a disease that makes you loose all sense of yourself. You also look pretty gross. Think zombie. We already share our regular ol’ world with Dylan O’Brien. We’ll settle for that.



Divergent: Factioned

The world of Divergent seems like the lesser of evils compared to other worlds imagined — but who wants to be divided based on your personality? More so, who wants to be pigeonholed into one dominant personality trait. Can’t you be smart and honest? If the world ran this way, we can’t help but feel everyone would be really boring. After all, what makes people interesting is their mixture of characteristics. It’s a good thing we don’t live in this world because, well, it doesn’t seem to be working out too well for Tris. Minus Four. We would like to live in a world where Four exists.



The Walking Dead: Zombies

the walking dead


Zombies are creepy. Please don’t bite us. We may put up with zombies if we have Daryl Dixon on our side…but still.



The 5th Wave: Alien Invasion

Okay, so an Alien invasion sounds a lot cooler to us than it probably should. In the world of Rich Yancey’s The 5th Wave  aliens are invading via multiple waves. Think the ten plagues ala Prince Of Egypt (Or, you know, The Torah).  This world is crazy enough on paper — we’re pretty excited to see it on screen.



The 100: Post Nuclear War

Imagine living in a world where any and all crimes (yes, the petty ones) result in the death penalty. Now, imagine death by being released into space. In the world of The 100 anyone and everyone is punished for their actions by being released from the ship that the population of the world lives on.  Lets now throw in a juvi on this ship that consists of children waiting for their 18th birthday — when they will be gifted by death. Morbid? Hell yeah. Maybe you’ll be fortunate and follow the 100 juvenile prisoners to earth — which is uninhabitable. Yeah, imagine being the world’s guinea pig to see what happens when you step on earth  — and then find out your not alone. This world gets more and more messed up as the series goes on.



The Matrix: Stimulated Reality

We don’t know about you, but nothing really sounds appealing to us about a world where our reality is stimulated. As much as virtual reality is a cool thing in most things  sci-fi, in the Matrix it’s more scary than anything. Not knowing what’s real or not real? We’ll take the blue pill, thanks.


So many books, movies and TV series take place in the future, which is why we want you to Tweet to ANDPOP what world you would not want to be caught dead in.


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