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Actors That Need To Play Superheroes

Posted on November 18, 2015 by

Superman, Supergirl, Batman – oh my!

Superheroes are taking the world by storm more and more every year with the Marvel and DC world adapting more and more comic book stories to the screen (both big and small). In the past decade, we have seen Iron Man, The Avengers, Batman and more hit the big screen while watching  Arrow, Agents of Shield, Flash etc week after week on TV. Not to mention, superheroes have also taken over Netflix — first Daredevil, and Friday will bring us the new Marvel’s Jessica Jones. 

It’s safe to say that we have yet to get sick of these superhero franchises (yet as the operative word). After all, many actors get their foot in the acting world with their huge roles in a DC/Marvel franchise — Chris Hemsworth anyone?

The superhero universe still has thousands of existing villains and heroes who have yet to pop up on our screens so in future adaptations, so we hope that some of our faves could potentially take a crack at the whole superhero thing.

Side Note: The actors listed below are matched up with superheroes just for your visual pleasure. We would love it if they played any character in the Marvel/DC world, not necessarily the ones matched below.


Dylan O’Brien

dylan o'brien

Earlier this year as the world scrounged for a new Spiderman, Dylan O’Brien was our top candidate. But lo and behold, O’Brien would not portray Peter Parker – although we would definitely be down to watch a Spiderman TV series starring Dylan.


Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus

We would like to imagine Miley as a modern day superhero. The world knows Miley as both a singer and actress but what many don’t know is she’s an activist and a humanitarian. We can see Miley playing the superhero Elasti-Girl who’s in the DC universe.


Troye Sivan

troye sivan

We’re sure Troye either is or was a meta human in his past life – so naturally we would love to see him play a superhero. We can see Troye playing Atom or better known as Astro Boy.


Matt McGorry

matt mcgorry

How To Get Away With Murder’s Matt McGorry is known for his fun and witty personality but don’t get it twisted – the actor is a smart cookie. He’s played a prison guard in Orange Is The New Black and a law student in HTGAWM — which is why we  believe it’s time for Matt to take his skills to the Marvel/DC universe. Just picture Matt as the Plastic Man – go on, do it.


Toby Regbo

toby regbo

As Reign fans say goodbye to Toby, we, or maybe just I, would love to see the English actor play a role that’s outside of anything he has ever done. The thought of this talented actor playing a superhero makes my heart skip a beat. While we do see him nailing many superheroes, it would be interesting to see Toby play Franklin Richards, the son of Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Women of the Fantastic Four.


Liam Hemsworth

liam hemsworth

We think every member in the Hemsworth household should play a superhero and yes, that includes Chris’ younger brother Liam. The man is so versatile in his roles that we’re almost surprised he hasn’t been a superhero yet. Picture this: Liam Hemsworth = Aquaman.


Demi Lovato

demi lovato

The new TV series Supergirl has us wanting a new female superhero stat. Demi Lovato oozes confidence and owning your own body so well that she pretty much is a superhero already. If/and when Demi chooses to get back into acting, we would love to see her be a strong superhero – or the badass Elektra.


Jim Parsons

jim parsons

Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons is known for playing the awkward, brilliant scientist — who just happens to know everything about comic books. We think its time that Jim takes his next role to a higher level. Jim has a Ray Palmer-esque about him that we would be intrigued to see him as the Atom.


Kristen Stewart

kristen stewart

One of our favourite young actresses Kristen is proving that she can nail any role that comes her way. Stewart has played a vampire, prison guard, princess and this list continues to grow. As we see Stewarts badass side show in each role, we think she would nail any superhero. We can picture her playing Angel Dust or a character of that sort.


Janel Parrish

janel parrish

We feel it only be necessary to end this list off with a bang, and no better way than with the Pretty Little Liar actress. Janel has a mysterious look that every superhero should have. The actress can play any role and we think she would be a great addition to the Catwomen’s of the universe.

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