10 Music Collaborations That NEED To Happen

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Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello made all of our dreams come true when they announced that they would be dropping their first ever collab, “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” We’ve been playing the track on a loop since it graced our ears last night and it got us thinking — why don’t more of our faves join forces for epic songs like IKWYDLS?

Okay, so scheduling, touring and focusing on their own music probably comes into play here but we can dream can’t we? We give serious props to Shawn and Camilla have been working on the track for some time.

The Fifth Harmony member shared on Twitter the work that went into the track and, we have to say, it seriously payed off.



The track about a couple who know that they have to end things is stunning, shows off both musician’s killer vocals and give us a lot of fangirl feelings.

Really, our fangirl hearts can’t take it anymore — first Justin Bieber and Halsey join forces for “The Feeling,” now “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” We’ve been spoiled — but we need more. So much more.

To tie us over until the next big collab, Editor writer person Brittany & Intern Merna decided to  theorize what music collaborations we want to see next — here they are: 


Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez

taylor swift and selena gomez


We’d love for these two best friends to join forces for one girl power anthem. Their voices and styling are so different — which is why we think this collab would seriously slay. We love how Tay and Sel are all about self love and female empowerment, and we think that these values would shine through in a track sung (and written) together.


Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran

ed sheeran and justin bieber


“Love Yourself” is the best proof that magic happens when you put these two together. Ed’s already written music for Justin — he may as well perform on a track himself! Both have unworldly vocals and any track they sing together is bound to give us a lot of feelings. There’s not much we WOULDN’T do to make this happen.  Plus, throw in Ed’s songwriting ability and you have a track guaranteed to bring us to tears. Bonus points if Ed has a rap verse.


George Ezra & James Bay

george ezra james bay


We’re having heart palpitations just thinking about it. Their deep, soulful voices matched with their ability to make us feel all the emotions with their passion and meaningful lyrics — this collaboration would be everything. Imagine the belts. Imagine the emotion. Imagine the feelings. JUST IMAGINE. DO IT. Their voices were meant to be paired together.



Tori Kelly & Alessia Cara

Tori kelly alessia cara


Just the idea of Tori Kelly’s powerful soulful voice duetting with Alessia’s sultry, raspy sound has us just screaming YES.


Halsey & Lana Del Rey

halsey lana del rey


They’re soul sisters already basically. Their sultry, edgy vocals just go together. It makes so much sense. This is making us realize how badly we need Halsey to cover “Summertime Sadness.” Imagine if Halsey, Alessia and Lana did a trio track ala “Bang Bang.” Our bodies are not ready.


Ariana Grande & Kehlani

Kehlani Ariana


Can you imagine a powerful track with Ariana and Kehlani’s soulful voices? We’re freaking the fuck out.


Hayley Williams & Disclosure

hayley williams disclosure


Hayley DID do “Stay The Night” with Zedd and that was a smash hit. Plus, Disclosure are known for creating some really good work – they’ve worked with Sam Smith and more of our faves. Their sick beats paired with Hayley’s voice —  we can’t stop thinking about this.


Sam Smith & Adele

adele sam smith


This song would be stunning, emotional, and  sure to make us cry. Talk about a break up song of epic proportions. Honestly, we don’t know if we are ready for this — or if the world is ready for this for that matter. Imagine these two belting out a chorus together.


Troye Sivan & Years & Years

years & years troye sivan


Put Troy Sivan’s soft vocals on top of Years & Years’ dance synth beats and you have a match made in heaven. Surprising? Yes — BUT IT WORKS. Plus, just imagine Olly and Troye jamming out together. Their voices together? Magic. Pure magic


The Weeknd & Beyonce

beyonce the weeknd


So many babies would be born to this song. YES.

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