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made in the am

One Direction may be gearing up for a well-earned break, rather than another hectic touring schedule next year, but that didn’t stop them from releasing their fifth studio album, Made in the A.M, to leave us with something to make it through next year.

Proving they are much more than just another boyband, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles have picked themselves up after the departure of Zayn Malik back in March, and put out their strongest album to date. That’s not to say that we still don’t miss seeing or hearing Zayn and his beautiful harmonies, of course.

Made in the A.M. is the perfect way for these four lads to go out on a high note until their return (yes we are believing every pledge and promise they’ve made because our hearts can’t take another *NSYNC situation). It’s strong, confident and it’s obvious why this is their proudest album yet.

Have we been repeating this album on a loop? Yes, and nobody can stop us from continuing to do so. “Nobody, nobody.”



Here’s what we thought of Made in the A.M.


Hey Angel

When Harry started tweeting lyrics to “Hey Angel”, the last thing I was expecting was a banger of a tune that would make me feel like I was being transported back to the 90’s — in the best possible way. Definitely a great choice to start off the album.


Drag Me Down

When Drag Me Down first dropped, we were all left with our collective jaws dropped at the new mature sounding quartet. Every member has their shining moment in the tune with separate (and equally perfect) solos, leaving our hearts soaring. The track, with its Police infused sound, was the perfect prelude in showcasing the new direction (Ha. ha. ha) this album would clearly be taking.



A lot was said about “Perfect,” a track co-written by Louis and Harry, as many speculated it was written about Harry’s short-run fling with Taylor Swift. But, imagine this concept: The boys’ lives can be quite hectic, and rarely are they able to go out without gathering attention. So, “midnight driving with the windows down”, “secret rendezvous”…Basically, if you’re okay with the attention and sneaking around, then “baby, you’re perfect”.



When “Infinity” first graced our ears, our emotions ran rampant. Starting off calm and with your standard pop ballad sound, it’s at the bridge when the song really picks up.


End of the Day

“Love is love.” That’s it. That’s the song. The lyrics are the star in this one; powerful and can resonate with anyone. Oh, and it only has a bloody STELLAR high note performance from the one and only Louis Tomlinson! This is a tune that should not be over-looked.


If I Could Fly

Well, Liam warned us when he said he cried while listening to a song Harry had written and we’re pretty sure we’ve pin-pointed which one that is. “If I Could Fly” is definitely the most heart-felt song on the album. Basically, it’s about missing someone when they’re not around. Now what you really don’t want to do is pair it with their EP track “Home” because, well, “If I Could Fly Home”… They just fit. The boys all sound amazing in it and I’m a mess with tear-stained cheeks.


Long Way Down

There’s something about the combination of One Direction and ballads that just goes together like peanut butter and chocolate. The flow of this tune’s chorus gets you, and it’s a beautiful thing.


Never Enough

This track is probably the biggest departure from the One Direction we’re used to hearing. It’s snappy, full of life and we’re ready to party right now.



Even just from Liam’s 10 second clip on Twitter, it was obvious that “Olivia” was going to be one of those songs you’d find yourself completely jamming out to. It’s fun, a bit old-timey, has a bridge that transports us to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and we’re definitely loving it.


What a Feeling

Clearly showcasing a Fleetwood Mac influence, I’ll be honest, it took a few listens until I started feeling “What a Feeling” (no pun intended.) But once that hurdle was broken down, the good vibes came pouring in. It also showcases the one thing no one can deny One Direction are great at: Harmonizing.


Love You Goodbye

Remember a time when 18-year-old Louis Tomlinson was self-conscious of his vocals? Well, he once again delivers a wicked high note and graces the bridge with his raspy, rock tone. After all, a song just isn’t “thick enough without Louis.” “Love You Goodbye” is about not being with someone anymore and when you see them, you’re reminded of what you had.


I Want to Write You a Song

Definitely one of my favourites, what can I say? It’s completely acoustic, it’s lyrically stunning and the nautical references make a return. Really, what more could you ask for?



Pegged a song for the fans, “History” could also be perceived as a song about Zayn and the boys’ history together — no, I’m not crying, you are. This is no doubt Made in the A.M’s anthem. It’s fun and comes across as sort of a letter from the boys to the fans about everything that’s gone on these past 5 years. Niall even tweeted about how they enlisted the help of fans to record the chorus, which is in itself awesome.




Temporary Fix

Well then Niall Horan! Who would have thought our little Irish lad would go on to write such a *coughs* heated song. Following in the footsteps of “Stockholm Syndrome” and “No Control,`” Made in the A.M. offers yet another… we’ll say… mature song and leave it at that.


Walking in the Wind

If there’s one influence that comes to mind when listening to this, it’s Mumford and Sons. It definitely laid-back verses and up-tempo chorus are a brilliant contrast. At this point, we’re just about ready to pack a bag and head out on a road trip.



Well, if there were any group of guys I’d want to rescue me from a pack of “wolves” during a night out, Niall, Liam, Louis and Harry would definitely be at the top of that list. 



“We’re just swimming around in our glasses, and talking out of our asses.” This is songwriting at its finest. Truth be told, when I first read the title, I was expecting an upbeat, maybe “Midnight Memories” 2.0, so I was pretty surprised when what I got instead was an easy-going campfire ditty. It’s a great song to crank up during a friends night in or during a bonfire on the beach. It will definitely leave you feeling nostalgic.



5 Niall Horan “Oliver” hats out of 5

Look, when it comes to solid pop albums, there’s no doubt that One Direction have been spitting them out since 2012, but if there’s anything to take away from Made in the A.M. it’s that they, and their music, have evolved. They co-wrote a majority of the album’s tracks, solidifying that they are serious lyricists and songwriters. Basically, it’s time to put the scoffing to a halt. My only complaint is that, “Home” didn’t make the album cut.

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