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Justin’s back — ALRIGHT!

There are so many ways that the Biebs is back and his music is just one. He’s returned with knowledge, maturity and new perspective that has reminded the world why we were all so smitten with him in the first place — and that’s why our host Simon Mohos has crafted a list of the 5 (and a half) key ways we know that the star is back and ready to keep dominating (and surprising) the music world.

This year has made it clear that it’s Justin Bieber’s world and we’re just living in it. Justin himself has said that his new music is not a comeback — he never really left — he was just taking time for himself, but now he’s back and ready to conquer the music world. Oh wait. He kind of already has.

It’s been two years since Justin Bieber released music and now, as if “What Do You Mean” and “Sorry wasn’t enough to tie us over until the release of Purpose, Justin’s dropped additional songs like “I’ll Show You” and “Love Yourself.” Not to mention his track with Halsey is currently out there in the world and we haven’t listened to anything else since.

It’s safe to say that it’s been a big year for the Canadian and we couldn’t be more proud that he’s back on his music throne and reigning the charts.


Hit play to find out why we’re so sure that JB is back and ready to change things up


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