Why The Fosters’ Brandon Foster Is Our TV Boyfriend

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the foster's david lambert

Besides the obvious — his face — Brandon Foster has a lot going for him.

ABC Family’s The Fosters quickly made its way into our homes two yeas ago when Lena and Stef Adams Foster brought their growing family into ours. We continue to fall in love and be moved by their four adopted children –Callie, Jude, Mariana, Jesus — but we’ve always had a soft spot for one of their kids, Brandon Foster, played by David Lambert (Aaron Stone, The Lifeguard). Brandon is the only biological son of Stef Foster from a previous marriage and in past seasons we’ve seen  Brandon adapting to his always changing family in mostly mature, kind ways.

Like there’s a lot of reasons to love every person in the Foster’s family, but Brandon is a stand out to us with his big heart, his loving and protective nature, his determination and his general love and respect for his whole family. If that’s not boyfriend material, we don’t know what is.

We fall in love with Brandon Foster more and more with every episode that passes, as he grows, develops, and we see him handle different tricky situations.

As we wait for January 18th for season three of the show, let us all be thankful for these glorious Brandon moments that made us fall in love with him: 


10. When Callie first came into the Fosters home and all Brandon wanted was to help her.

From the very moment Brandon noticed something was wrong with Callie, all he wanted to do was help her. In anyway.


9. When Liam was at the same festival as Callie.

Wyatt had lost all his chill when he saw Liam at the festival and asked him to leave, in order to protect Callie. When Liam refused, Wyatt began to fight him and Brandon rushed in to stop the fight – but quickly joined in and started to fight for Callie. This may result in mixed feelings because violence isn’t the answer, but to see Brandon actually be in a fight to protect Callie means a lot.


8. Anytime he plays the piano

This is when Brandon’s true emotions shine.


7. The time he wrote a song for Callie

The lyrics, the voice, and their connection makes this song better than any song that could have been written for this show.


6. When he taught Callie how to play the guitar

Music’s the way to anyones heart.


5. The way he looks anytime he talks about his love for Callie.

It’s nice to see how sincere Brandon looks everyone mentions Callie and talks about their love.


4. When Callie meets the kids for the first time and calls Brandon “the real one.”

the fosters

Brandon from the get-go never made himself more important than anyone in the family and that says a lot about his character in the very first episode.


3. He can admit when he messes up.

As we know, this is a hard thing for teen boys to do and Brandon once again surpasses our expectations and admits he was wrong in the best way.


2. His piercing eyes

Every scene he’s in is made more intense thanks to David Lambert’s intense gaze.


1. This moment that trumps any other moment

Brandon risked everything just to see Callie. What girl doesn’t want that? Someone who’s willing to risk it all just to have a glimpse of someone they love?

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