5 Terrifying, Possible Locations For American Horror Story Season 6

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Next October will be just as good as this one.

Just yesterday the Hollywood Reporter blessed us with the news that FX has renewed Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk’s hit TV series, American Horror Story for a sixth season — and we’ve been theorizing since we heard the news.  The renewal will come as little surprise to fans of the show, as it’s self contained seasons have maintained success since the show premiered back in 2011 with it’s star studded cast including Evan Peters, Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates and many, many others. The show that changes casts, plots and location every year began in a haunted house the continued to set seasons in an asylum, a witch coven, a freak show and, most recently, a haunted hotel.

So it’s no surprise that we all agree that October just wouldn’t be the same without Ryan and Brad’s brilliant, and scary stories on our television. Seeing as we will be getting a sixth season next Halloween, we can’t help but wonder where the show will take place next year  and what new star power will grace it — it’ll be hard to top Hotel’s leading starlet that is Lady Gaga.

While we do think Evan Peter’s suggestion to have the next season in space would be a good one, considering films like Gravity give us  heart attacks, here are 5 possible locations for the next AHS that have potential to be scarier than the last:


American Horror Story: High School

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You’re probably wondering, how this can be scary? Think about all the horror films you’ve ever seen created. Now think of all those that are based in a High School. There’s nothing scarier than one’s high school days. If the creators are feeling extra eerie, make it an abandoned high school that has all the spirits of the dead teens still trapped in it. Plus, think of the Glee references.


American Horror Story: Church

This doesn’t have to be necessarily a ‘church’ — we’re really just thinking any place of worship. Many go to a place of worship during their worst hour, rather than just to pray — so picture this: What would happen if the spirits in the church don’t let anyone go once they know about their wrong doings? What if once you go in to repent your sins, your sins stay with you, forever. Haunting you. The world may not be ready for an ‘evil” priest (or any religious leader) — but since when does Ryan Murphy really care about what we’re ready for?


American Horror Story: Cruise Ship

The cruise to end your desire to go on any cruise ship has arrived. This cruise ship is advertised as the ‘trip to die for’ without guests realizing that anyone who boards this ship, never gets off. Evan Peters could be the crazy captain whose one purpose is to survive the mysteries and trials of the sea. It would also be interesting to see sea monsters also involved.


American Horror Story: Amusement Park

This may sound similar to Freak Show but trust us — it isn’t. This season could start off with a group of kids entering an abandon amusement park and as they try out a maze and/or the rides, they begin to uncover how the amusement park became abandoned in the first place with clues here and there leading to a mass murder on everyone in the park. The image of dead little children should be enough to scare you senseless.


American Horror Story: Theatre

This is Ryan Murphy’s time to shine while bringing a musical aspect into AHS,/ It can be set around a musical theatre group preparing for their final show until a big disaster comes that leads to the theatre being forever cursed. Plus, think of all the superstitions that surround the theatre.

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