Orphan Black’s Helena Is Our Spirit Animal

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helena orphan black

Orphan Black’s Helena has clones of her galavanting around the world, is caught up in a big dramatic science mess, probably has never used a comb in her life and, well, is a bit of an oddball.

In the show following a group of clones forced to dig deep to understand who and what they are (plus relationship drama and a lot of science), Tatiana Maslany plays, well, basically all of the characters (with some exceptions). One of her character’s is the beloved Helena — what OB fans have dubbed the “seestra.”

Circa season one, Helena’s scenes were creepy, scary, dark and intriguing. As her plot lines have evolved and she’s been put in a more normal life situation — well, as normal as being one of an unknown number of clones can be — and now we find ourselves relating to the character on a pretty personal level. As we gear up for season four (2016 is too far away) it’s worth noticing just how different the character of Helena is now — and how similar she is to us.

With the amount of drama that unfolded over the last three seasons (we can’t gear up), it’s been nice having Helena around to provide an increasing amount of comedic relief.¬†Actually, on an uncomfortable level, she is basically us. Helena has become out spirit animal — a fact she would probably be both confused and happy with.


Here’s why we are basically Helena:


Singing in the car like you’re a superstar

helena orphan black


Whenever Donnie shows up

“Are you seeing anyone?”

When you dance at home like

At the mall like

helena orphan black
SOURCE: sestragif on Tumblr

Typical Monday morning

When people complain about their days

When you don’t want to be on the phone anymore and just…

When shade is thrown your way

Donuts r lyfe

helena orphan black



helena orphan black

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